15 Drinks Our Editors Can’t Stop Sipping, from Cold Brew to Agua Fresca

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Not to be dramatic, but a stocked cooler is the spice of life. Sure, it’s our daily mission to drink enough water, but we’d be absolutely lost without a mix of our favorite beverages. Whether it’s our morning cup of joe or our go-to nightcap, the following sippers add flavor, refreshment and occasional bubbles to our meals and snack breaks. Read on for 15 drinks our editors can’t get enough of, both boozy and non-alcoholic.

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editor pick drinks rook coffee cinnamon vanilla cold brew
Rook Coffee

1. Rook Coffee Cinnamon-vanilla Style Cold Brew

Are you really from Jersey if you’ve never tried Rook’s cult-favorite coffee? Luckily, java lovers outside the Garden State can also get in on this seasonal release since it’s available online (along with the rest of Rook’s roster). Made with natural vanilla flavor and organic ground cinnamon, this cold brew concentrate feels luxurious and silky on the tongue and tastes just indulgent enough. It comes unsweetened, so add as much (or as little) sugar as you want.

editor pick drinks swoon matcha lemonade

2. Swoon Matcha Lemonade

We’re no stranger to Swoon’s sugar-free lemonades and iced teas, so when we heard the brand launched a new flavor, we had to get our hands on it. The Matcha Lemonade is equal parts earthy, bright and refreshing, thanks to Chamberlain Coffee’s matcha powder (which sold out five times, BTW) and Swoon’s monk fruit-sweetened lemonade. There’s more to love than just the taste though: Each can contains 70 milligrams of clean caffeine, almost as much as a cup of coffee.

editor pick drinks agua bonita agua fresca
Agua Bonita

3. Agua Bonita Aguas Frescas

Nothing beats strolling a Mexican beach with an ice cold agua fresca in hand. Short of hopping a flight, sipping one of Agua Bonita’s canned delights is a close second. The brand uses fruit that would otherwise be wasted to create their naturally sweetened drinks, which clock in at 12 grams of sugar and 60 calories a pop. Pineapple cucumber is our preferred of the bunch, but we have nothing but love for the jamaica (aka hibiscus), watermelon chile or mango habanero varieties as well.

editor pick drinks dona chai concentrate

4. Dona Original Masala Chai Tea Concentrate

As much as we enjoy chai tea lattes from our local café, we’ve been saving a boatload by making them at home. Enter Dona’s lightly sweet, impeccably spiced concentrate. Its ingredients include organic black tea and a mélange of spices (ginger! green cardamom! cinnamon! cloves!); all you need to do is cut it with milk—hot or cold—to turn it into a latte. (If you need something more potent, go for the Dirty Chai concentrate, made with cold brew coffee concentrate.)

editor pick drinks pop and bottle coffee concentrates
Pop & Bottle

5. Pop & Bottle Super Concentrate

You might be familiar with Pop & Bottle’s dairy-free lattes, but have you tried their newly launched coffee concentrates? It’s made from direct trade Arabica beans from Central America, and you’ll only need one tablespoon of concentrate to make your favorite bev, whether it’s a latte or a cold brew. Exclusively at Walmart, the concentrates are made with clean ingredients and without preservatives, artificial flavors and sugar. We’re partial to the vanilla, but there are also classic and mocha options to sip on.

editor picked drinks cacao water
Blue Stripes Urban Cacao

6. Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Cacao Water

Unlike many purveyors in the chocolate industry, Blue Stripes prides themselves on using the whole cacao plant—the shell, beans and fruit—to make their tasty products. Assistant editor Nakeisha Campbell fell hard for their Cacao Water, a cacao-infused water that’s rich in antioxidants and superfood perks, along with refreshing notes of vanilla and lemon. “It has a tart, unique flavor and it’s not overwhelmingly sweet,” she says. “I also love that it’s loaded with vitamin C!”

editor pick drinks alani nu berry pop
Alani Nu

7. Alani Nu Energy In Berry Pop

She’s also a big fan of Alani Nu’s Berry Pop energy drink, a collaboration with influencer Addison Rae. Each can will help you beat the 3 p.m. slump by pepping you up with 200 milligrams of caffeine and vitamins B6 and B12. “It’s really tasty, although you might want to avoid drinking it late in the afternoon because of the caffeine content,” Campbell warns. We just might be willing to take our chances once the workday ends.

editor pick drinks bizzy cold brew bags

8. Bizzy Cold Brew Bags

Minimal work, maximum flavor (and caffeine). Executive editor Candace Davison says Bizzy’s coffee offers stellar flavor and a smooth, clean finish. “And there’s no cold brew maker necessary, since they’re just bags you steep in a pitcher,” she adds. If you want to make it her way, add a drizzle of Daysie’s salted caramel simple syrup to your glass. It’s made with organic cane sugar, wildflower honey and little else. “I’ve also been into using [Daysie’s] in old fashioneds for a fun twist on a classic; coconut almond in the summer, salted caramel in the fall,” she says.

editor pick drinks orgain protein shake

9. Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake

“They get me through my busiest days, work well as meal replacements and they taste so good that you can’t even tell it’s healthy,” raves Campbell. It’s no wonder why, since each shake is packed with a whopping 16 grams of organic, grass-fed protein, along with 20 vitamins and minerals. She’s partial to creamy chocolate fudge, but there are also vanilla bean, coffee and strawberry offerings, in case those are more your speed.

editor pick drinks figlia fiore frizzante

10. Figlia Fiore Frizzante

Figlia is famous for its non-alcoholic apéritif, Fiore, made with rose extract, ginger juice and orange rind. This summer, the brand launched a ready-to-drink mocktail called Fiore Frizzante, which is basically their beloved apéritif with bubbles. Food editor Katherine Gillen loves this fizzy, citrusy spritzer, which is just as floral and aromatic as it is pleasantly bitter. It’s prime for picnics, beach days, bike rides and campouts.

editor pick drinks spindrift half lemon half tea

11. Spindrift Half Tea & Half Lemon Sparkling Water

For those of you who think seltzer is boring, might we suggest trying Spindrift? Their sparkling waters are kissed with just a touch of real fruit, which offers both flavor and body without increasing the calories or sugar content. The lemon-tea hybrid is one that managing editor Catrina Yohay can’t get enough of. “It’s like a bubbly, healthier version of an Arnold Palmer, but with zero sugar and only three ingredients,” she explains. “I also love that it has just a hint of caffeine from the black tea in case I ever need a little afternoon pick-me-up.”

editor pick drinks la colombe oatmilk latte
La Colombe

12. La Colombe Oatmilk Lattes

“I’ve been loving La Colombe’s canned oatmilk lattes,” says senior editor Sarah Stiefvater. “It’s much more economical than buying actual coffeeshop lattes, and over ice it’s smooth, creamy and not too cloyingly sweet.” Her favorite, the double latte, contains single-origin Arabica cold brew coffee from Brazil, along with 120 milligrams of caffeine and not a drop of dairy. Even without the help of the barista, the latte’s foamy, silky texture remains unmatched.

editor pick drinks vita coco coconut water
Vita Coco

13. Vita Coco Coconut Water

You can’t go wrong with this old favorite, right? Coconut water is incredibly hydrating, loaded with nutrients and, most importantly, delicious. Odds are you’ve had the O.G., but operations director of branded content Rachel Gulmi urges you to try them in her favorite flavors, pineapple and peach mango.

editor pick drinks finnish long drink
The Long Drink

14. The Finnish Long Drink

White Claw who? Senior commerce strategy manager Pam Masin considers this canned cocktail her official drink of summer 2022. Think citrus soda with a modest dose (each can is only 5.5% ABV) of premium liquor. Newbies should start with the classic, then sip their way through Zero (as in zero sugar or carbs), Cranberry and Strong (with an 8.5% ABV) varieties. We’ll meet you by the pool with a stocked cooler.

editor pick drinks in good taste uncommon grapes
In Good Taste

15. In Good Taste Uncommon Grapes Flight

“I’m obsessed with these gorgeous, delicious single-serve (but really two-glass) wine samplers,” says senior editor of special projects Rachel Bowie. “I keep re-ordering, and after introducing [them] to my mom, she does, too!” We can see why: This tasting flight boasts eight non-traditional vinos that both beginners and connoisseurs will be psyched to sip through. It might even help you branch out from your usuals. (Don’t worry, your favorite pinot noir will forgive you.)

Taryn Pire is PureWow’s associate food editor. A former bartender and barista, she’s been writing about all things delicious since 2016, developing recipes, reviewing restaurants and investigating food trends at Food52, New Jersey Family Magazine and Taste Talks. When she isn’t testing TikTok’s latest viral recipe, she’s having popcorn for dinner and posting about it on Instagram @cookingwithpire.

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Taryn Pire is PureWow’s food editor and has been writing about all things delicious since 2016. She’s developed recipes, reviewed restaurants and investigated food trends at...