A few years ago, our jewelry motto was “the bigger the better.” There were bubble necklaces that looked more like medieval breastplates, chandelier earrings that required strategic hairstyles and bubblegum-sized cocktail rings. Since then, our taste in jewelry has become more refined. We traded in those loud baubles for delicate chains and dainty rings. And the minimal jewelry trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So take it from these ten PureWow editors and buy yourself (or someone near and dear) one of these everyday pieces.

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“I love these sleek, affordable earrings because they look so much more expensive than they are. They’re the perfect medium-size earrings, and since it’s an open hoop with a post, they’re comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.” —Sally H., director of audience development

$24 at Amazon


2. Bony Levy Petite Bezel Diamond Solitaire Necklace

“When I was in high school, my mom bought my sister and I solitaire diamond necklaces to match hers. She was the ultimate minimalist jewelry pro, and not a week goes by that I don’t get a compliment on my necklace. In fact, I have multiple friends who have requested one as a holiday gift, purchased one for themselves or gifted one to their niece. Now, I have something I can wear every day that reminds me of my mom. The more people buy them, the more I feel like her memory (and love for minimalism) lives on.” —Brynn C., senior manager of partnerships

Buy It ($450)


3. Maria Tash 14K Rose Gold Plain Clicker

“No ear party is complete without a piece from Maria Tash. Her teeny-tiny simple hoops have a hinge and click closure, so they’re easy to put on and take off. I’ve gotten quite a few piercings at jewelry stores and piercing studios throughout NYC, which is how I first discovered this brand. I’ve even been to Tash’s own Soho atelier to get pierced by her team, which is a pilgrimage worth making.” —Dena S., fashion editor

Buy It ($117)


4. Mejuri Satellite Necklace

“My former roommate gave this to me for my birthday last year and I’m obsessed. It goes with everything and it’s the perfect length. Plus, it adds a hint of sparkle but doesn’t overdo it. It’s simple and refined and looks way more expensive than it is (only $70!). —Roberta F., editor

Buy It ($70)



“Over the holidays I decided to treat myself and buy this Monica Vinader ring that I had been lusting over for months. And I’m so glad I did. I wear it pretty much every day and it’s the perfect level of glitz and glamour without feeling too over the top. It also comes in a version without the diamonds if you’re really not into bling.” —Abby H., associate editor

Buy It ($350)


6. Sterling Forever Zodiac Ring

“I adore these rings. I love that they take a different approach to zodiac jewelry that’s totally eye-catching thanks to the abstract design. Mine has become a daily staple that I never leave home without (and if I do I feel totally naked). I also just gave one to my best friend for her birthday and she loved it!”—Sarah V., audience development editor

Buy It ($58)

Neiman Marcus

7. Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter Necklace

“My bridesmaids gifted me with this letter K necklace at my bridal shower and I love it so much. It’s super dainty and very simple since it’s literally a single letter on a plain chain (even though it stands for both for my husband’s first name and our newly shared last name), but I wear it every day and never take it off.” —Rachel G., associate managing editor

Buy It ($240)


8. Adina’s Jewels Ring Huggie Earrings

“I’m completely obsessed with my tiny gold hoops. I love that they’re 14-karat gold, so I can keep them on at spin class (and in the shower afterward) without having to worry about them tarnishing. And at just under $50, I didn’t even feel guilty about buying them for myself.” —Kara C., assistant commerce editor

Buy It ($48)


9. Catbird Sweet Nothing Bracelet

“I love all of Catbird’s designs, but they can get pretty pricey. This super dainty bracelet is both affordable and chic. If you’re not into the clasp, you can visit their Wedding Annex shop in Brooklyn to get it welded onto your wrist, which I did with my sister. It will stay on forever, and it reminds me of her every time I catch a glimpse of it.” —Brianna L., senior commerce editor

Buy It ($94)


10. Mejuri Mini Lotus Studs

“These are a great alternative if you can’t splurge on diamond earrings. Since I have sensitive ears, I love that this pair is made of 14-karat gold but is still in my price range. They’re also small enough to work well with multiple piercings.” —Pam M., senior audience development strategist

Buy It ($110)

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