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Missoni has long been a legend in bright, patterned pieces. So naturally Margherita Missoni (the heiress to that fashion house and previous designer for the brand) is a style inspiration in her own right. We teamed up with our favorite closet-organization site Finery to see what pieces of clothing she loves most and learn all her tricks for mixing and matching prints. Here, the best advice for every level, from beginner to Missoni-level master.

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margherita missoni finery 1
Venturelli/Getty Images

Beginner: Pair Like with Like

If you’re new to the print-mixing game, we suggest starting small by matching the colors of one print to a second, like Missoni did here with a silver-and-gray-striped blouse and a swirling gray cardigan. Neither pattern feels overwhelming on its own, so together they form a look that has just the right amount of texture.

margherita missoni finery 2
Patrick McMullen/Getty Images

Intermediate: Go Big, Then Small

A large linear print in neutral tones is the perfect match for these mini-zigzag-patterned shorts. Try mixing various sizes of the same print theme (like tiny daisies with bold blooms, or thick horizontal stripes with pinstripes) to avoid looking overdone.

margherita missoni finery 3
David M. Benett/Getty Images

Advanced: Think More Abstract

A purple gingham top and blue-green knit skirt don’t appear to have much in common at first, but they actually work together quite beautifully. Each one features a repetitive geometric print in the same cool color scheme. Put these two things together and you’ve got outfit Nirvana.

margherita missoni finery 4
Venturelli/Getty Images

Master: Go Way Outside the Box

Now that you feel comfortable mixing and matching like a pro, feel free to experiment with patterns that wouldn’t make obvious pairs to the untrained eye. For instance, this jacket works with Missoni’s bold pajama-style suit because the red blooms are complementary in size and shape with the black-and-white swirls.

In love with Missoni's color-centric clothes? Check out more of her wardrobe favorites and learn how she pairs prints like a pro on PureWow's Finery homepage.

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