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There's a very specific thrill we get from purchasing a new swimsuit, like it's somehow the promise that we will soon be on a tropical vacation, lounging poolside and sipping anything that comes adorned with a miniature umbrella (rather the the reality of going to see Booksmart for the third time, mostly because we're in desperate need of AC). But for those who've got a bit more to work with in the bust area, aka the D-cup and up crowd, shopping for bathing suits doesn't alway illicit such a joyful high. Some suits smash your breasts down into pancakes, others leave them drooping and more than a few leave you at risk for a major nip slip. But not these seven brands. Each and every one offers swimsuits specially made to flatter and support big boobs without sacrificing style.

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Heidi Klein

U.K.-based Heidi Klein has already amassed a bit of a cult following (including celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss), and once you try on one of the brand's sleek suits, it's not hard to see why. Luxe fabrics and impeccable—but subtle—construction ensure your bust will definitely have the support you need, without actually looking like a bra or corset. Hidden boning and impressively clever design tricks take the place of uncomfortable underwires. Now all you need to find is a yacht and/or a flight to Capri.

Kitty & Vibe

This fun, bright swim brand's unique sizing system was originally developed to address fit issues regarding the bottom half of swimsuits. But, of course, body inclusivity isn't just limited to embracing bums of all shapes and sizes. Kitty & Vibe also has an impressive size range for tops, with suits that fit up to a size 38DD or 36E (and no, not just for underwire styles). Plus, many of Kitty & Vibe's suits are reversible so it's really like you're getting two bikinis for the price of one. Score.


Despite it's, um, questionable name, RAQ's whole M.O. is to create cute, fun and, most importantly, well-fitting swim for larger busts. As the site declares, "We make bikinis that suit the silent majority of boobs. Big boobs. Hormonal boobs. Augmented boobs. Pregnant boobs. Any boob that’s D cup or larger, we’re all over it. Literally." As for how they fit IRL? One PureWow editor said slipping into a RAQ bikini was the first time she ever felt like a bathing suit top actually fit properly, looked trendy and flattering.

Malia Mills

Bathing suits in chic, timeless silhouettes made from super-luxe materials is what you'll find at Malia Mills (alongside some pretty fabulous ready-to-wear pieces, too). And with a brand motto of "Love Thy Differences" it should come as no surprise that the size range is pretty great. Tops go from a 30A all the way up to a 40F with the matching bottoms going up to a size 16. Each style is labeled with which sizes it fits best (i.e., C /D/DD cups versus E/F cups) so you can be sure you'll end up with something that looks great and offers the right amount of support.


Figleaves was way ahead of the game when it was founded in 1998 as an online retailer focusing on women with curvier silhouettes and larger cup sizes (seriously, it was one of the very first e-tailers). And it's really only gotten better since then. There are a ton of styles to choose from, including strapless suits that fit up to a size G (hallelujah!), in a variety of fun, on-trend patterns.


Stock up on sunny prints and bright basics with Skye's 34 bikini tops specifically designed for the D-cup and beyond. Because size inclusivity is so important to the brand ethos, each piece (tops, bottoms and one-pieces) is meticulously designed to offer the most comfort and support possible, meaning you can go ahead and join that beach volleyball game or run after your niece at the pool without fear of anything popping out or riding up.


Lydia Maurer, founder of Phylyda, knows that just because you have big boobs doesn't necessarily mean you also have curvy hips, and vice versa. So she set out to create swimwear that could appeal to all women's bodies, not just those that fit neatly into any one category. Her pieces are all intended to mix and match to fit both your style and silhouette, whether you're a 44G or a 34E.

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