I’m a Family Editor and These Are the 11 Products I Can’t Live Without This Fall

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Fall brings cozy sweaters, cooler temperatures and PSL everything. But as any parent knows, it also brings runny noses, wet clothes and bored kids. And so, I need some clever items in my arsenal to get me through the autumn months (and beyond). Fortunately, as a family editor I get to hear about and test out a lot of great products, which means that if you—like me—are looking for less hassle and more ease this season, I’ve got you covered. Here, 11 things I’m relying on this fall to keep my family organized, dry and entertained.



1. Boogie Wipes

News to no one: Kids are germ factories. So yeah, you’re going to want to buy these saline-soaked wipes in bulk this season.


2. Name Bubbles

Oh, you’re still writing your kid’s name in all their clothes? Allow me to save you so. Much. Time. (Especially if your kid’s school is like mine and also requires labels on lunchboxes, cutlery and water bottles.) This value pack includes 20 dishwasher-, microwave- and freezer-safe labels and 70 laundry-safe labels, in three different shapes (big rectangle, small rectangle and small circle). Simply stick ‘em on and you’re good to go.


3. Hold ‘Em Mitten and Glove Clips

I refuse to buy another pair of gloves this year. Instead, I’m investing in these clips that keep a mitten or glove attached to each coat sleeve, thereby making these cold weather accessories practically impossible to lose (unless your kid also manages to forget their jacket in the playground which…might happen). Extra adorable feature: Each clip is embossed with a snowman.

Elastic Boot Straps

4. Elastic Shoe Straps

There’s no point putting your kid in waterproof bottoms if they keep riding up and letting all the water in (hello, soaking wet socks). These bootstraps can be worn under the sole of the shoe and attached to the trouser leg in order to ensure a watertight seal. Genius.

La Colombe

5. La Colombe Pumpkin Spice Lattes

You’re a mom. And so you need coffee like you need oxygen. But not just any old brew. Make it festive with this delicious blend that executive editor Candace Davison dubs both creamy and rich with notes of pumpkin (there’s actual pumpkin in it unlike some other PSLs on the market), minus any of the metallic taste you usually get from a canned beverage.


6. Voluspa Baltic Amber Glass Candle

In my fantasy life, I have a beautiful farmhouse upstate with a real wood-burning fireplace and a homey kitchen that always has a stew bubbling away on the hob and fresh cookies baking in the oven. Alas, the reality is not so hygge, and so I rely on a scented candle to give me those fall cozy vibes. (And to cover up the smell of pee that’s everywhere… but seriously, how do you get a 3-year-old boy to aim properly?!?)

fall everlane boot

7. Everlane Rain Boot

I’m coveting these chic rain boots from Everlane that are not too clunky but still substantial enough to charge right through freezing rain. In fact, these shoes are so stylish that I might even wear them when it’s not raining.

llbean kids rain boots
L.L. Bean

8. L. L. Bean Kids’ Rain Boots

And your puddle stomper needs some rain boots too, of course. These waterproof boots come with a handle so kids can pull and put them on themselves and removable insoles lined in cotton to keep feet warm and dry. And since it gets dark early where I live, I love the reflective triangle at the back on the boot to keep kids visible when they’re out and about. Tip: Consider ordering a size up to make room for thick socks.

lanbrella compact travel umbrella

9. Lanbrella Compact Folding Reverse Umbrella

When I’m juggling multiple backpacks and various rain gear along with my phone and keys, I don’t have time to mess around with an umbrella. I need one that works and can easily collapse without having runoff water pour all over my feet. This clever umbrella is exactly that. With its unique inverted, collapsible design, when closed the rainwater is trapped on the inside, allowing you to shake it out where you choose. Genius.

Bed Bath and Beyond

10. Cuisinart Slow Cooker

Autumn calls for comforting soups, stews and casseroles and no kitchen appliance does it better than this trusty slow cooker. But the main reason I turn to this kitchen workhorse again and again in the fall months is because with most slow cooker recipes, I can simply dump in the ingredients, set it and then forget it while I tend to the latest mess my kids have made.


11. Dog Day Out! A Sharing Puzzle for Kids and Grownups

Don’t get me wrong, I love the dark, snuggly days of fall. But when it’s too rainy or cold to play outside, my toddler gets a little rambunctious. This family-friendly activity keeps kids occupied while also giving parents something to do because it’s actually two puzzles in one. It features big and small pieces, so a toddler can work on the large, 48-piece portion, while an older sib or parent can tackle the more challenging set of 132 tinier pieces. No wonder it was a PureWow Happy Kid Awards winner this year!

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