Dogs love their cushy, comfy beds, especially when the outside temperature climbs and the only tolerable activity is lounging and slurping water. You see, canines may be our favorite mammals, but they don’t regulate body heat as well as we do. (Greeting a loved one at the door? Yeah, they do that way better.) Panting is one of the only ways they have to stay cool. So even if it’s not 100 degrees outside, shopping the best cooling dog beds is going to make your little one more comfortable. These are our collapsible, elevated and downright ergonomic favorites.

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1. Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

Sealy, a company known for its human mattresses, makes an orthopedic dog bed with high-quality foam (for comfort) and a Pro-Charcoal base (for odor absorption). The heat regulating Cooling Energy Gel gathers high temperatures on the bed’s surface and epels them into the air or onto the floor beneath it. Rest easy knowing your dog is keeping cool and staying stable, as there's a no-slip bottom that prevents them from scooting around as they chase cars in their sleep).

$70 at Amazon


2. Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Elevated Dog Bed

The utmost in portability, this bed folds flat in a snap and is made of lightweight and durable nylon mesh. And the powder-coated steel frame won't rust, even if you leave it outside in the rain (where it will dry quickly once the sun comes back out, by the way).

Buy It ($107; $57)

3. Casper

After getting rave reviews for their human-sized mattresses with humidity-fighting technology, Casper realized dogs could benefit from the same features. The company also took canine instincts into account with the design. Back in the day, dogs used to make soothing sleeping spots by digging into and kicking around dirt to get to the cooler layers of earth. Casper’s beds are not only made with memory foam, but they also have extra cover material that lets dogs imagine they’re roughing up the ground like their ancestors did before turning in. Oh, and the beds come in three colors and three sizes.

Buy it ($149; $134)


4. KROSER Deluxe Dog Bed with Reversible Pillow

One side of the reversible center pillow is cool, breathable canvas (so that your pup can get air circulating all around him). The other side of the cushion is plush and warm for winter. Plus, the base of the bed is waterproof and non-slip, so it won't go anywhere when he hops in. We've known dogs to get creative with this bed and push the pillow to the side to use as a headrest.

$54 at Amazon

5. Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

Even if your pup snoozes the whole damn afternoon, he’ll stay cool on the Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat. This bed kicks into action as soon as it feels your dog’s body weight and recharges itself after roughly 15 minutes of inactivity. While the design is more focused on cooling than comfort, it easily lays on top of thicker cushions or beds to keep your pup happy on a hot day (which is especially helpful if you travel together in the car a lot).

Buy It ($50; $40)

6. Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

Sometimes all it takes is a nice breeze to cool your dog down. This elevated cooling bed, sitting seven inches high, is made with a super-breathable, durable mesh material that’s easy to clean. Think of it like a camping cot for your pup. Also, a common theme among cooling dog beds is joint pressure relief, which this bed provides (so it’s ideal for aging dogs).

$24 at Amazon

7. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

The secret of this sofa bed style dog furniture is the layer of cooling gel foam that's tucked under the quilted (and machine-washable) cover. The design is wide enough to accommodate your pet inside the bolsters, or they can opt to use the bolsters as a head rest to re-align the pressure on their frame while they sleep. And the nooks and crannies of the bed are perfect for a little snuffling around before settling down to nap.

$77 at Amazon

8. Arf Pets Self-Cooling Mat Pad

If your dog loves her crate (and/or you are crate training), this mat may become your pup’s BFF. It requires no technology or refrigeration and stays cool for up to three hours. Dogs that have recently undergone medical treatment and may be in pain or have swelling can benefit from the cooling quality of this this mat. (Bonus: The nylon material ensures easy cleaning and eliminates any worries about your dog’s nails piercing the bed).

Buy It ($70)


9. Niubya Outdoor Dog Bed with Canopy

Nylon mesh in the center of the elevated bed allows for maximum air flow, as does the wide arches between the sun-shading tent overhead. (We're thinking one of these in the yard is going to make our best friend content not to try to jump into the hammock with us.)

$42 at Amazon


10. Cozy Cot Elevated Pet Bed

Getting our vote for pet bed we'd most like to snooze in ourselves, this small collapsible saucer is easy to fold up and take with you're traveling.

$67 at Amazon

11. K&H Cool Bed III

As a waterbed for dogs, this bed is literally one of the coolest on our list. It requires no cords, batteries or weird chemicals. To activate the cooling core, just pour water through the filler cap and the bed will absorb your dog’s body heat and bring things back down to room temperature. Bottom line: Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and you should be just fine.

$46 at Amazon

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