Fun fact: healthy adult dogs sleep almost 11 hours a day (ah, must be nice). That means we should probably invest in a bed that won’t leave them stiff and achy after every blissful nap. But we also don’t want an orthopedic-looking eyesore sitting in the middle of our bedroom. That’s where these dog beds come into play.

How to Choose a Dog Bed

Observe, observe, observe. Since your pet can’t lie down on different beds in a mattress store the way you can and can’t communicate if they are pro-memory foam or not, it’s best to take careful account of your pet’s physiology and behavior. Does your large dog groan a little when she’s standing up from laying on the floor? She might need the dense support of memory foam. Is Scout always laying on the bathroom tile? Then he’ll like a mat filled with cooling fluid. And shy little ones will appreciate a bed with a hood they can snuggle beneath.

Check out our list and order your pet a new bed. And now that you’ve perfected their sleep, you can move on to more important issues like why their feet smell like Fritos and whether they’re getting enough fruit in their diet.

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Best for Medium-Sized Dogs



Best Overall

Nearly half of all PureWow employees have dogs, so when it comes to pet product advice, all we really have to do is shout. When asked for bed recommendations, one editor sent a link to this one, with a three-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam and removeable microsuede cover, at lightning speed. She said, “My dog is a bit of a diva when it comes to beds—he only likes the softest, most cushiony designs. But I like to make sure that it’s not a total eyesore in my tiny apartment and this one checks both of our boxes. Plus, it’s machine-washable, so I wind up laundering it as much as my own sheets. See…diva.

$33 at Amazon



Best Value

If your dog is like almost every other canine we know, they will sleep on a face cloth if it winds up on the floor. This plush-top bed is so much comfier, but basically just as inexpensive. The Memory Foam interior even helps relieve joint pressure and the outside zips off for easy washing. When Sparky inevitably chews a hole in it or wears it down to nothing, buying a new one won’t break the bank.

$42 at Amazon



Best Splurge-Worthy

With side and back bolsters for your pet to rest her head on, this solid four-inch memory foam bed is a keeper. The sides and back will help her feel cuddled, like when she’s snuggling with you in bed. And since the memory is a sturdy waterproof, tear-proof cover, you’ll be able to wash it once a week when you give her her bath.

$120 at Amazon


4. Avocado Organic Dog Bed + Pillow Bolster

Best Organic

This bed is composed of an inch of 100 percent GOTS certified cotton over three inches of breathable coconut husk with a waterproof organic cotton liner plus a sweat-absorbing organic cotton cover. In colors like salmon pink and mailman blue (!) we’re all in on including the optional pillow bolster that our dog can situate however he likes, to nestle his back into or to use as a head rest. And the holidays are coming up, which gives us time to save up for an upcycled dog bed frame to give our pet a little lift.

Buy It ($238)


5. K&H PET PRODUCTS Coolin' Comfort Bed

Best Cooling

This vinyl pad is like a waterbed for your pet—you just fill it with cool tap water and it radiates chill air up and onto your pet. There’s an air valve to adjust the tension of the bed—so you can make it as firm or as soft as your pet’s arthritis, hip dysplasia or other uncomfortable condition warrants. Pro tip: Toss a worn t-shirt on top of the bed to get your pet to feel safe climbing on at first.

$68 at Amazon


6. BomGaroto Portable Pet Mat

A roll-up mat made of water-resistant micro-weave polyester, this mat is like a camping mat, except for your dog. Whether you’re taking it with you to give your pet a perch in the great outdoors or unrolling it in an unfamiliar floor on a canine-accompanied road trip, this 35-by-22-inch quilted mat is sure to make any dog feel supported.

$28 at Amazon

Best for Small Dogs


1. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Shaped

This orthopedic dog bed comes in various sizes and solid colors, and we appreciate the scooped-out design of orthopedic foam with a thick base. It’s encased in washable polyester shag which evokes a 1970s suburban home flooring, so that’s fun esthetically (but your dog is going to be all about the comfort).

$27 at Amazon


2. SHU UFANRO Dog Beds

Best Non-Slip

A non-stick grid of PVC dots keeps this lightweight fluffy doughnut from skidding cross the floor when a certain Pomeranian really goes for it and takes a running leap into bed. And the small size is just six inches tall and 23 inches wide but supports a canine up to 25 pounds in faux fur-covered cottony comfort.

$17 at Amazon


3. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best for Pillow Sleepers

Does your little one like to settle on one of your bed pillows and call it a night? Train them to use this machine washable faux fur bed instead by placing it at the head of your bed for a few nights and letting them settle in. With a fuzzy, temperature-regulating covering, your pet is going to appreciate this.

$22 at Amazon


4. Bedsure Small Dog Bed

Best Pattern

This bed is ideal for smaller dogs. It is designed to be round with a slightly sloping top to accommodate small paws. Made of comfortable cotton flannel, its stylish print gives it added style, so it’s more like a throw pillow in your bedroom and less like a boring dog bed.

$26 at Amazon


5. Furhaven Snuggery Dog Bed with Attached Blanket

Best for Nervous Pets

Your pet can hop into this little padded donut (there is a skid-proof bottom, so you need not worry about it sliding) and then feel super-safe snuggling beneath the attached hood. Light-eyed dogs can be especially sensitive to brightness and this furry hood allows them to tuck their face underneath to block the glare. And when it’s a bit dirty, the bed’s so lightweight and durable, just toss it in the washer-dryer to clean it.

$46 at Amazon

Best for Large Dogs


1. Moots Premium Leatherette Sofa Cat & Dog Bed

Best Heavy Duty

In the “wish we’d thought of that” category, this mini-couch for your dog has an easily-wiped-down leatherette arms and back, perfect for resting a snout on and for snuggling up into. The central cushion is filled with uber-comfortable shredded memory foam, and the removable cover has a waterproof liner so if an accident happens, the whole cushion need not be replaced. And the wood frame lets big dogs up to 95 pounds bounce in and out without fear of breaking it. Also, there are two faux fur pillows included (because what’s a couch without accent pillows?).

Buy It ($200)


2. Pendleton Grand Canyon National Park Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

Most Stylish

Pendleton is the Hermes blanket of hipster décor: Rugged, tailored and just bright enough so that your home doesn’t look like a campsite. This dog bed, with a zip-off cotton and fleece cover inspired by the Grand Canyon, turns Fido’s resting place into a groovy style statement, which is handy when it comes to a big dog’s bed that measures 30 by 40 inches.

Buy It ($139)


3. The Casper Dog Bed

Best for Diggers

Some pups just love to dig and want to scratch the surface of where they are prepping to lie down…which means their dog bed is going to get shredded fast. Casper to the rescue—this bed’s surface has extra material to mimic the sensation of loose earth when your pet starts pawing at it. And the memory foam is as strong and durable as the company’s human mattresses, so it’s not going to sag over time. And the side bolsters stay upright so that your furry friend can rest her head and doze comfortably.

Buy It ($206)

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