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You’re having a boy! The only requirement on your baby naming checklist: You want a baby name that starts with the letter D. Here, 50 standout options, based on the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular names, and our own editor picks.

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baby boy names that start with d

1. Declan

Pronounced DECK-lin, this Irish moniker means “man of prayer.” (It’s also right on the edge of the top 100—and up in popularity 12 percent this week.

2. Dominic

This name—which means belonging to the lord—is also experiencing a boost. (It’s up 7 percent.)

3. Diego

It means “supplanter.” (Or a nod to Spanish painter Diego Rivera.)

4. Drake

Yes, this name is rapidly climbing the charts. No, it’s not just a tribute to the singer. (It means “dragon” or “male duck.”)

5. Dante


baby boy names that start with d baby sleeping

6. Darren

This name is of Irish origin and means “little great one.”

7. Dean

The popularity of this retro name—which means “church official”—is on the rise.

8. Dax

An homage to a community in Southwestern France, but also has that cool-kid surfer vibe.

9. Denver

This name was at it’s peak in the 1920s, but we love it’s throwback style. (It also pays tribute to the Colorado capital.)

10. Darius

It means “wealth” or “kingly.”

baby boy names that start with d boy in bath

11. Derrick

Commonly spelled Derek, this name means “the people’s ruler.” (And, psst…it’s up 35 percent in popularity!)

12. Dalton

A top 500 name, this English name means “the settlement in the valley.”

13. Davis

“Beloved.” (It’s also a modern take on David.)

14. David

Also means “beloved.” (Did we mention it’s consistently in the top 25 baby names for boys?)

15. Damon

It’s a variation of Damian and one that has strong mythological ties. (Damon is known to be a symbol of true friendship.)

baby boy names that start with d boy with chew toy

16. Daniel

Of Hebrew origins, this name means “God is my judge.”

17. Dawson

There’s Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson. And Dawson’s Creek. Could those be the reasons this Welsh name (which means “son of David”) is climbing the charts?

18. Dash

Short for Dashiell, it means “unknown.” Mysterious in a good way? We’d say so.

19. Demetrius

More mythological ties—this name means “follower of Demeter” (who, for reference, was goddess of the harvest).

20. Denzel

“From the high stronghold.” Also, Washington.

baby boy names that start with d baby boy

21. Daylen

A variation on Daylon, this name has been trending since the late 90s. (Also spelled Daelan.)

22. Decker

This German moniker means “roofer.”

23. D’Angelo

Most commonly, this name is spelled Deangelo, but the singer of the same name inspired this new take. (It means “from the angel.”)

24. Dylan

A gender-neutral choice, it means “from the sea.”

25. Dennis

A riff on St. Denis in France, but also on the Greek god of wine Dionysius.

baby boy names that start with d boy on beach

26. Deegan


27. Donavan

This Irish name means “dark.”

28. Dev

This popular Indian name means “god.”

29. Dale

This English moniker means “valley.”

30. Dempsey

“Proud” and “haughty.”

baby boy names that start with d dad and son

31. Domingo

Of Spanish origin, this name means “born on a Sunday.”

32. Daryl

It means “dear one” and “beloved.”

33. DeShaun

This modern moniker can also be spelled DeShawn.

34. Desmond

It’s a common Irish surname with the best nickname: Desi.

35. Dwight


baby boy names that start with d boy with train

36. Duncan

Of Scottish origin, it means “dark warrior.”

37. Dewie

This Welsh name—often spelled Dewy—is up 1,000 percent on the charts. (It means “beloved.”)

38. Draco

“Dragon.” (Also, nemesis of Harry Potter.)

39. D’Wayne

It means “dark-skinned.”

40. Demitri

A short-form of Demetrius, but one that stands on its own.

baby boy names that start with d boy brushing teeth

41. Dayson

“Son of David.”

42. Demarcus

A variation on Marcus, this name typically references a follower of Mars, the Roman god of war and agriculture.

43. Dexter

It means “right.” (And they’ll rub that in your face every chance they get.)

44. Deepak

A Hindi name that means “lamp” or “light.”

45. Dustin

“Brave warrior.”

baby boy names that start with d mom and son

46. Douglas

Originally the name of a Celtic river, it means “black water.” (In its early days, it was also commonly used for boys and girls.)

47. Dakota

Another gender-neutral moniker, it means “friendly one.”

48. Duvall

A French name that means “of the valley.”

49. Damien

It means to “tame or subdue.”

50. Deacon

“Messenger.” (Also, Reese Witherspoon’s son.)

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