If There’s a Post-Quarantine Baby Boom, These Are the 9 Baby Names We Think Will Come Out of It

Having a romantic quarantine? Not exactly. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if, on the other side of all this, we come to discover that a lot of couples used the opportunity to, well, get busy and family plan. And the idea that there might be a post-quarantine baby boom got us thinking: A baby name that speaks to this truly unique time is a must. Here, nine quarantine-inspired baby names to place at the top of your list.

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1. Patience

A nod to the emotion we’re channeling daily as we ride out this storm.


2. Serenity

Hey, if you’re not meditating during quarantine, what are you even doing with your time?

Marc Romanelli/Getty Images

3. Scott

A cheeky reference to your go-to toilet paper brand...if it ever gets re-stocked.


4. Nessa

It means “ambitious” or “fierce.” (A reminder of what it feels like just to put both feet on the ground and get out of bed these days.)


5. Colm

The actual meaning of this Irish name is tied to Saint Columba, who was known for being a great poet and scholar. But it also reminds us of the #1 feeling we’re doing our best to embrace RN.


6. Tony

He’s been a voice of reason—and expertise—amidst the chaos. (Also, you can pre-order this namesake onesie for all your IG baby posts.)


7. Dawn

Because, while this all has felt a bit like Groundhog Day, there’s always tomorrow. (Also, watching that calming morning sunrise is something we could get used to.)


8. Aspen

It’s official meaning is “one who is like Mother Earth,” but it’s also the name of a tree—something giving us a major sense of peace right now, even if we have to social distance beneath them.

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9. Cuomo

It’s not weird to name your child after your New York City hero/crush, right? (Asking for a friend.)