‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Theory Predicts What’s Next for Preacher & Paige

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

Virgin River season 4 left fans with several questions about what’s to come in the fifth installment. But if there’s one theory fans should consider, it’s this bold prediction about the future of Preacher (Colin Lawrence) and Paige (Lexa Doig).

Here’s what you need to know: In the season 4 finale of Virgin River, Preacher walks in on a horrifying situation. Vince (Steve Bacic) is holding Paige at gunpoint and demanding she tell him where she buried his twin brother, Wes. When Preacher tells Vince that he buried Wes (not Paige), they begin to brawl. When Vince turns to Paige, Preacher grabs a fire log and hits Vince on the back of the head, making him fall to the ground.

virgin river theory preacher paige
Courtesy of Netflix

At first, it seems that Preacher and Paige are finally safe, but there are multiple possibilities to consider. For example, is Vince really dead? While he’s knocked unconscious by Preacher, we don’t know if the blow is fatal. And how are the police going to handle Vince’s head wound and Wes’s disappearance? Preacher is acting out of self-defense, but there are two sides to every story.

However, the biggest question involves the future of Preacher and Paige. As in, will they pick up where things left off? Unfortunately, there’s a theory that claims Paige is going to do what she does best: run away.

virgin river theory preacher paige season 4
Courtesy of Netflix

This whole situation is a nightmare for someone like Paige, who’s been on the run with her son, Christopher (Chase Petriw). Regardless of whether Vince is alive or dead, she’s bound to face some legal trouble now that she’s out of hiding. Not only did she take Christopher from his father, but she’s also responsible for Wes’s death. Plus, she’s guilty of leaving Christopher in Preacher’s care with no word about when she’d return. To avoid scrutiny, there’s a good chance she’ll flee (again) to get a fresh start somewhere new.

It seems like a probable scenario, especially since Virgin River season 4 introduces a new love interest for Preacher: Julia (played by Lawrence’s real-life wife, Lucia Walters). While the addition could result in a love triangle, we wouldn’t be surprised if Paige slowly (or not-so-slowly) disappears from Preacher’s life.

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