New ‘Virgin River’ Theory Suggests That a Beloved Character Will Re-Join the Cast

*Crosses fingers*

virgin river preacher colin lawrence
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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Virgin River season five left us with loads of unanswered questions. Is Calvin back for good? Will Denny stay after Lizzie’s bombshell? And finally, who is Mel’s dad?

There’s a lot to consider ahead of the holiday episodes debuting on November 30. One of the biggest concerns involves Preacher (Colin Lawrence) and what will happen now that Wes’s (Steve Bacic) body has been found. Although he could be in trouble, this new theory suggests the discovery will result in the return of a beloved character.

virgin river preacher colin lawrence
Courtesy of Netflix

The drama unfolds at the carnival when Preacher’s date, Kaia (Kandyse McClure), receives a phone call. She is told that the firefighters found a body while doing cleanup after the wildfire, and it’s clear the body has been there a long time.

Immediately, Preacher knows he’s in trouble because he buried Wes’s body in that exact location. One could argue that Preacher is lucky because Mike (Marco Grazzini) can help steer the investigation in another direction. However, we can’t help but wonder if Preacher will become a suspect. And if he does, will Paige (Lexa Doig) return to Virgin River?

virgin river paige lexa doig colin lawrence
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You see, Preacher hid the body to protect Paige. So, when she catches wind of the news, it seems likely that she’ll return to the small town to confess if the investigation goes south. Although Preacher hid the evidence, Paige is responsible for Wes’s death. (She pushed him down the stairs during an altercation.) And after everything Preacher has done for her, she won’t let him take the fall.

Plus, Paige’s departure in season five seemed, well, abrupt. She leaves Virgin River after reuniting with her son, Christopher (Chase Petriw), in the first episode. But the relationship between Paige and Preacher is still up in the air. Although he’s dating new people, he seems to have a soft spot for Paige.

virgin river paige lexa doig
Courtesy of Netflix

Perhaps the writers needed an excuse for Paige’s return. And what better way to lure her back than to dig up (literally) the skeletons in her closet.

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