‘Virgin River’ Drops Bombshell About Brady’s New Girlfriend Lark—But This Theory Offers Hope for Brady

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead* 

ICYMI: The Virgin River holiday episodes are now streaming on Netflix. From Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) daddy issues to Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) babies, the new installment addresses loads of unanswered questions

One of the biggest bombshells involves Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) and his new girlfriend, Lark (Elise Gatien), who isn’t as innocent as she seems. Thankfully, this brand-new theory will please Brady fans.

virgin river theory lark brady jimmy
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In the second half of Virgin River season five, Brady develops a romantic connection with Lark, who was introduced in the beginning of season five. At the time, she was living at a homeless camp with her daughter, Hazel (Ava Anton). But now, she’s turning her life around…or so it seems. 

The episode is designed to make viewers fall in love with the new couple. But right when things start looking up for Brady, Lark reveals her dark side. In one scene, she steps away to take a phone call from a prisoner, Jimmy (Ian Tracey). As in, Calvin’s (David Cubitt) former partner-in-crime who already has beef with Brady.

The wildest part? Jimmy is the father of Hazel, and he’s using Lark to seek revenge on Brady. When Jimmy asks about Brady, Lark responds, “He doesn’t suspect a thing.”

This doesn’t look good for Brady, who already has a bad reputation in the small town. He tends to get mixed up with the wrong people (Calvin, Melissa, Jimmy, etc.), and this latest instance is just another notch in his belt. Or is it?

virgin river theory lark brady jimmy brie
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This new theory suggests that one character will swoop in and save the day for Brady: Brie (Zibby Allen). Yes, she’s currently pursuing a relationship with Mike (Marco Grazzini), but there’s no denying they still have feelings for each other. They’re struggling to see each other move on, and it shows. 

Perhaps Brie will catch wind of Jimmy’s evil plan and warn Brady. Or maybe she’ll provide just enough distraction for Brady to see the bigger picture that he’s being played. If he continues to hang out with Brie, maybe it’ll help him step away from the honeymoon phase with Lark long enough to spot the Jimmy connection. 

There’s a reason the writers are stringing along the relationship between Brie and Brady, and we’re determined to find out why.

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