This ‘Virgin River’ Plot Hole Will Make Jack Fans Very Happy

virgin river plot hole

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

There are bajillions of conspiracy theories about what’s to come in Virgin River, but there’s also one major loophole that fans have point out.

Here’s what you need to know: Virgin River season three teased a potential custody battle between Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) and Jack (Martin Henderson) over their unborn twins. It all started when Charmaine struck up a relationship with Todd (Patrick Sabongui), who wants her to move out of Virgin River to raise the twins…with him.

However, one Reddit user pointed out a major problem with this potential story line: Charmaine and Jack are in California and, therefore, must abide by the state laws. This means that Charmaine won’t be able to file for full custody because, in California, it’s an automatic 50-50 guardianship if the father can prove paternity. Therefore, Jack will likely get half custody.

“They are in California, there’s no contesting custody if you can prove paternity (simple DNA done even before babies are born),” she wrote via Express. “The law in California is very clear, if you are the father, you have 50 percent custody (unless it can be proven you are a jerk) and you’re OBLIGATED to provide support.”

So, what does this mean? Well, the custody battle is probably nothing but a scare tactic. If the writers skirted around the law, it would make the show seem even more unrealistic, and that’s not a risk they should take. Besides, no one wants to watch a dragged-out court fight when there are more pressing storylines, like discovering the father of Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) baby.

Your move, Netflix.

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