Our Team Shared Their Celebrity Crushes from Childhood—Did Yours Make the List?

Remember the first time you got that funny feeling in your stomach, paired with sweaty palms and a sudden understanding of the word “swoon?” Was it when you first heard Jack Dawson triumphantly yell, “I’m king of the world!” atop the Titanic? Or when Topanga Lawrence chopped all her hair off and somehow left the salon even more gorgeous than before? Or was it the first time you saw Chad Michael Murray shirtless? Read on to hear our team’s top celebrity crushes—featuring fictional and real life stars—from childhood (and to see if yours made the cut).

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celebrity crushes jordan catalano
ABC Distribution Company

1. Jordan Catalano

“I blame every bad dating choice I ever made on Jordan Catalano [from My So-Called Life]. Those eyes! That leather chocker! The boiler room! To this day, I’d stop whatever I was doing to see Frozen Embryos perform live.” Jillian Quint, VP of content

celebrity crushes devon sawa
Amblin Entertainment

2. Devon Sawa

“Um, I remember my jaw dropping when Casper turned into Devon Sawa in the criminally underrated 1994 movie. Who knew that sweet ghost was so cute? In hindsight, that whole ‘can I keep you?’ line is a little creepy, but at the time? Swoon.” Candace Davison, executive editor

celebrity crushes eric matthews and tuxedo mask
Michael Jacobs Productions/Kodansha

3. Eric Matthews (and Tuxedo Mask)

“I always loved Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World. Everyone else was all about Shawn and Jack (I too loved Shawn at one point), but Eric had the hair and he made me laugh, and those were the top two qualities I looked for in a fictional boyfriend at the time…and also in a real boyfriend now. Also, Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.” Abby Hepworth, associate editor

celebrity crushes nick carter michael jackson
Twitter/Frank Edwards/Contributor/Getty Images

4. Nick Carter (and Michael Jackson)

“I had a massive crush on Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys because I adored his voice and was mesmerized by those blue eyes. I also had the biggest crush on Michael Jackson (during his Billie Jean days) because his smile lit up a room and I’d literally never seen anyone dance as well as he did. It also helped that his music was so great.” Nakeisha Campbell, assistant editor, news & entertainment

celebrity crushes woman of the parent trap
Walt Disney Pictures

5. All The Leading Ladies Of ‘the Parent Trap’

“I simultaneously had crushes on all three adult female leads in the movie The Parent Trap: Elizabeth James (Natasha Richardson) because she was the epitome of beauty and a fashion designer with a bomb-ass house and English accent; Chessy the housekeeper (Lisa Ann Walter) because she was so kind and funny, and Meredith Blake (Elaine Hendrix) because she was an impossibly glamorous mega-bitch.” Sarah Stiefvater, editor

celebrity crushes dennis quaid
Walt Disney Pictures

6. …and One For Dennis Quaid

“He really did it for me in The Parent Trap when I was little, which is weird now.” Ali Brown, social media strategist

celebrity crushes jack dawson
Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox

7. Jack Dawson

“Does he need an explanation?!” Helen Sidebotham, account manager

celebrity crushes pacey witter
Columbia TriStar Television/Sony Pictures

8. Pacey Witter

“From Dawson’s Creek. He was sensitive and vulnerable and kind and caring and CUTE. His love for Joey. It was almost too much for the heart to take.” ­Rachel Bowie, senior editor of special projects

celebrity crushes joshua jackson
Walt Disney Pictures

9. Joshua Jackson

Apparently, JJ had it going on long before he starred in Dawson’s Creek. At least, according to one staffer, his appeal “started with The Mighty Ducks.” Catesby Cator, VP of branded content

celebrity crushes danny zuko
Paramount Pictures

10. Danny Zuko

“Was it the eyes? Was it the hair? Was it the singing and dancing? I truly don’t know, but I was swooning.” Aly Owens, director of social strategy

celebrity crushes chad michael murray
Gaylord Films/Dylan Sellers Productions/Clifford Werber Productions

11. Chad Michael Murray

“He covered my binders in middle school. A Cinderella Story started the crush, obviously.” Ali Brown, social media strategist

celebrity crushes dale arden
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

12. Dale Arden

“From the 1980 Flash Gordon movie, played by Melody Anderson. Nine-year-old me was quite smitten.” Chris Wichtendahl, director of engineering

celebrity crushes freddie prinze jr adam brody zac efron
Kirk McKoy/Patrick McMullan, Contributor/Frank Trapper, Contributor/Getty Images

13. Freddie Prinze Jr., Adam Brody And Zack Efron

No explanation necessary. Matthew Boyd, social media resident

celebrity crushes seth cohen
Fox Broadcasting Co.

14. Seth Cohen

“Because he was so handsome and so nerdy [on The O.C.]. Always made me giggle and honestly proves that you should always choose the dorky dude.” Aly Owens, director of social strategy

celebrity crushes stefan urquelle
Miller-Boyett Productions

15. Stefan Urquelle

“WHEN STEVE URKEL WOULD BECOME STEFAN URQUELLE. Which entirely contradicts my previous statement.” Aly Owens, director of social strategy

celebrity crushes dylan mckay
Fox Broadcasting Co.

16. Dylan Mckay

“Luke Perry playing Dylan McKay [on Beverly Hills, 90210]! Was there anything better than a bad boy?” —Dabee Kaye, VP of brand partnerships

celebrity crushes topanga
Michael Jacobs Productions

17. Topanga

“And pretty much any other preteen on TGIF in the late ’90s…but particularly Topanga.” Dylan MacNamara, VP of talent relations

celebrity crushes shane west
Warner Brothers

18. Shane West

“Not sure if I should be embarrassed by this or not, but I loved Shane West in A Walk to Remember.” Rachel Gulmi, associate managing editor of branded content

celebrity crushes milo ventimiglia
Warner Bros. Television

19. Milo Ventimiglia

“Circa Gilmore Girls!” Brynn Conway, senior account manager

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