These ‘Titanic’ Mistakes Are So Obvious We Can’t Believe We Missed Them

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After watching Titanic for the millionth time, we did a little digging and found that there are countless errors in the ’90s flick. So we figured, what better way to mark the movie's 25th anniversary than by walking you through all the minor oversights and plot holes you might have missed? For instance, we bet you never noticed the inconsistent positioning of Jack’s hair. But which major Titanic mistakes should you look out for?

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One of the biggest snafus is a matter of continuity. When Rose (Kate Winslet) arrives on the Titanic dock, there’s a beauty mark on her right cheek. Throughout the rest of the movie, the mark can be seen on her left cheek. This is because filmmakers flipped the footage to coincide with another shot—but that's not all.

In the scene where Jack and Rose meet for the first time at the stern, Rose is wearing a pair of slip-on shoes and black stockings. But in a follow-up shot, when she's lying on the deck after Jack comes to her rescue, she's seen wearing red lace up boots. Another major continuity error? Rose's moving handprint on on the rear window of the Renault. As she and Jack do the deed in the back seat, Rose's hand leaves a print on the window. However, right after this, we see a shot from inside the car, and the handprint has not only moved to a lower spot, but also changed in shape.

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Another revealing error is seen when Jack's recovered drawing of Rose is found in the safe and carefully cleaned. If you look closely at the illustration, you'll notice that certain details in this drawing—including Rose's eyes, lips and hands—are noticeably different from the picture that Jack sketched.

Yet another issue has to do with props—in particular, the axe that Rose retrieves in an attempt to save Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is handcuffed to a metal pipe. Not only does the weapon change position when Rose lowers herself into the water, but it also strikes Jack’s arm when Rose frees his handcuffs. (Don’t worry, the axe was made of rubber.)

Speaking of rubber, several passengers slide/fall as the boat becomes inverted during the sinking scene in Titanic. If you look closely, you’ll notice the ship bends upon impact, indicating some parts are made of foam. The error is most notably seen when a man slides into a “metal” capstan, which wrinkles before bouncing back to shape. Supes believable.

As for Jack, there are multiple inconsistencies surrounding his floppy hair, which looks messy in one scene and slicked-back in the next.

Don’t even get us started on the size of Rose’s floating door, which could have totally fit another person (AKA Jack).

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