The 9 Best TV Families of All Time

TV watching has long been a favorite family pastime. Many of our most beloved prime-time, or now streaming, shows feature complex characters with strong family values to which we can easily relate and empathize. From Morticia Addams and Danny Tanner to Lorelai Gilmore and Rebecca Pearson, these parental figures and their fictional families made us laugh, cry and helped us learn valuable life lessons. Here, the nine best TV families (past and present).

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the gilmore girls

1. The Gilmore Family, ‘gilmore Girls’

Lorelai and Rory's affinity for witty banter, lukewarm coffee and never-ending boy drama made us feel right at home with these (Gilmore) girls.

the brady bunch1

2. The Brady Family, ‘the Brady Bunch’

Here’s the story of Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy Brady. From broken noses to singing competitions, the Bradys taught us, even after six kids, a husband and wife can still manage to have the hots for each other...every episode.

the oc the cohen family

3. The Cohen Family, ‘the O.c.’

Sandy, Kristen and Seth knew the value of a good schmear, and were kind enough to welcome Ryan "from the wrong side of the tracks" Atwood into their palatial Newport home. The Cohens definitely had good taste.

the tanner family2
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4. The Tanner Family, ‘full House’

Widower Danny Tanner had his work cut out for him with three daughters—Michelle, D.J. and Stephanie. But with a little help from Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey, the Tanners figured it out, one misunderstanding at a time.

roseanne conner family

5. The Conner Family, ‘roseanne’

The Conner family made us chuckle at their blue-collar humor and nod our heads in solidarity as they navigated the ups and downs of everyday life for nine fantastic seasons. Lucky for us, a Roseanne reboot is in the works and set to premiere in 2018 on ABC.

the addams family

6. The Addams Family

From seven-foot Lurch to hairy Cousin Itt, the Addams family is not your typical family. And that's why we love them...not now, Gomez.

this is us the pearsons

7. The Pearson Family, ‘this Is Us’

From the Terrible Towel to Pilgrim Rick, This Is Us and the Pearson clan make us laugh and ugly-cry at the same time.

the walsh family beverly hills 90210

8. The Walsh Family, ‘beverly Hills, 90210’

Beverly Hills, 90210 brought us the Walsh family—Jim, Cindy, Brandon and Brenda–who relocated from Midwest Minneapolis to posh Beverly Hills. Ten amazing seasons later, we learned valuable lessons on everything from divorce and infidelity to feathered bangs and boleros.

the underwood family house of cards

9. The Underwood Family, ‘house Of Cards'

Clearly Claire and Frank Underwood don't need anyone but each other in life. Except maybe Meechum. We're so excited one nation, Underwood returns to Netflix for season five tonight!

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