20 Must-Watch Shows to Stream During Black History Month, According to an Entertainment Editor

As much as I appreciate the influx of Martin Luther King quotes on my Instagram feed, they only scratch the surface in terms of what Black History Month represents. Aside from celebrating the contributions of famous heroes like Malcolm X and Shirley Chisholm, we also get to highlight the ripple effects of their legacy, whether it’s the uptick in book sales by Black authors, the success of Black-owned businesses or, best of all, the increase in Black representation on our screens.

Pioneers like Diahann Carroll and Cicely Tyson reshaped TV history and paved the way for a host of compelling Black shows to follow suit. So, to honor these greats, I compiled a definitive list of 20 must-watch shows that depict the Black experience, from ’90s classics to thought-provoking period dramas.

13 Movies to Stream on Hulu for Black History Month

1. ‘lovecraft Country’

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