32 of the Best Black Sitcoms to Stream Right Now, from 'Family Matters' to '#blackAF'

There’s no denying that Black sitcoms are among the most powerful and influential shows to ever grace the small screen. Known for pushing barriers and tackling deep issues with smart humor, they all shed some needed light on Black perspectives, proving that the community is just as compelling as they are colorful and complex. Plus, they've also proven to be timeless—though it's worth noting that certain things from the '90s haven't aged very well (because of course, different era). Still, we can all agree that a lot of these shows still hold up today because of how they tackled deep issues through comedy. See below for 32 of the best Black sitcoms and where to stream them.

5 '90s Black TV Shows That Kept Me Sane During the Quarantine

1. ‘living Single’