‘Black-ish’ Star Miles Brown Opens Up About His Favorite BTS Memory with Tracee Ellis Ross

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Over the past seven years, we've seen Miles Brown grow up with the Johnson crew on ABC's groundbreaking series, Black-ish. And now, the 16-year-old star is opening up about some of his favorite behind-the-scenes memories.

PureWow recently chatted with the young actor and musician, who is currently partnering with Crest and Oral-B for their Conquer Cavities 2Gether program. While discussing his work on the popular sitcom, he revealed that one of his most memorable behind-the-scenes moments was with his fellow star, Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays the eccentric Bow Johnson.

He told us, "I would say when Tracee is always filming her videos, dancing to certain songs that me and Marsai [Martin] would put her on, that would always be the funniest thing. I remember putting her on to Lil Uzi Ver [and] Migos, and she would always love it. And she would always dance to it."

The actor also went on to explain that his bond with the actress is also shared with his other cast mates, who've become like a real family. He said, "I have the same relationship with Tracee as I do with everyone on the show because I see them so much that they start to fit that role. Anthony [Anderson] has that father role or that cool uncle role. Same with Tracee."

He continued, "We've known each other for so long and we've learned to love each other so much. Whenever you see us off camera, it's almost like seeing a real family [because] our chemistry is so high."

FYI, if you need proof, just take a look at the cast's social media pages, where you'll find quite a few silly BTS videos. But aside from discussing his off-screen bond with the Black-ish squad, Brown also recounted what it was like to film his standout episode, "Jack's First Stand" (where he decides to become a vegetarian, much to his dad's dismay). He shared, "I never even thought that Jack would do something like that, but it was definitely wild preparing for that, having to eat certain vegan foods to match the character. Even my wardrobe changed, so it was [a challenge] for me to prepare for that episode, but it was fun to film."

We look forward to seeing even more behind-the-scenes shenanigans as season 7 continues.

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