Queen Elizabeth Loves This Gag Gift from Prince Harry So Much, She Has a Special Place for it at Balmoral

queen elizabeth honors weird gift from harry cat

Queen Elizabeth isn't exactly the first person we'd assume would live for silly gifts. However, rumor has it the royal matriarch has quite the quirky sense of humor (see her penchant for writing letters to other dogs on behalf of her corgis). Apparently, the United Kingdom's longest-running monarch is a huge fan of gag gifts—especially ones that come from her notoriously cheeky grandson, Prince Harry.

According to Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, the Duke of Sussex has a long history of gifting the queen off-beat, often funny gifts. Marie Claire reports that, per the book, Prince Harry once gave his grandmother a shower cap with the words “Ain’t Life a B***h” on it. Apparently, the tradition is so popular that Prince Harry even got the Duchess of Sussex in on it, with The Express reporting that Meghan once gifted the Queen a singing toy hamster.

Still, it appears the shower cap and toy hamster weren't quite as popular with the Queen as another gift from Prince Harry: a Big Mouth Billy Bass electronic singing fish. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth loved the weird present so much she designated a special spot for it at Balmoral. While we'll never know for sure, we like to believe it's because "Take Me to the River" is so damn catchy and that she secretly sings along when no one is around.

When she's not swapping gag gifts with her family members, it seems Queen Elizabeth is quite a thoughtful gift giver. If you recall, Prince Harry revealed that the Queen bought baby Archie a waffle maker for Christmas back in 2020 and that the little tot absolutely "loves it."

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