Princess Charlotte Often Gets Compared to the Queen, But the Resemblance to This Diana Descendent Is Uncanny

When it comes to Princess Charlotte, there are quite a few royals who bear a striking resemblance. Sure, we’ve heard rumblings about how similar her appearance is to her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth, but there is another—much less mainstream—royal who could be Charlotte’s double: Kitty Spencer, the oldest daughter of Charles Spencer, aka Princess Diana’s niece.

Just take a look at this throwback pic shared by Kitty herself a couple of years back on Instagram. Kitty jokes that she’s channeling her inner jockey, but whoa, Charlotte is her spitting image. (Add to that the fact that they both clearly have an affinity for riding horses—these two seem to have quite a bit in common.)

cambridge family christmas card
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Of course, which royal Charlotte looks the most similar to is up for debate. My co-host Roberta Fiorito and I get into this exact topic on this week’s episode of the Royally Obsessed podcast. Beyond Kitty and Queen Elizabeth, Charlotte also looks exactly like another Diana descendent: Prince William.

The proof is in the photos. Just take a peek at the Christmas card image recently shared by the Cambridges. Prince Louis looks just like his mom Kate Middleton, but Charlotte is all William if you ask us.

Bottom line: Genes—royal or not—are incredible.

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