This Top New Netflix Show Is Like ‘Glee’ Meets ‘Élite’

Looking for a series to binge? Netflix just dropped a new Spanish-language drama that seems to have caught the eyes of many viewers, as it's reached the site's list of top shows in only a matter of days.

The series, titled Rebelde, looks like Glee meets Élite, with its story of a group of teens at an elite boarding school who are vying to become musical stars. Six of these students—MJ, Andi, Luka, Esteban, Dixon and Jana—decide to form a band and enter into a Battle of the Bands contest in hopes of catching their big break. However, they've got some stiff competition along the way (and a mysterious secret society watching their every move). And as you'd expect with any teen-centered show, their journey to the final performance will be filled with loads of drama and comedy.

Rebelde is a reboot of a popular Mexican telenovela of the same name, which itself was spawned from a telenovela called Rebelde Way. In an official write-up from Netflix, they say, “Rebelde is the reboot of the beloved teen soap opera that spawned separate telenovelas in Argentina and Mexico in the early 2000s.” They note that this 2022 revival includes “a new generation of students, storylines and characters, (plus a few familiar ones that longtime fans will recognize).”

Directed by Santiago Limón and Yibran Asaud, the series stars Azul Guaita, Franco Masini, Giovanna Grigio, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jerónimo Cantillo, Lizeth Selene and Alejandro Puente.

All 8 episodes of the first season are available now to stream on Netflix. We will definitely be tuning in to this one.

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