The 20 Best Spanish Shows to Stream on Netflix Right This Second

We all know—and love—Netflix. But while we adore the streaming service’s chart-topping psychological thrillers and eye-opening documentaries, English-language shows aren’t all that it has to offer. As it turns out, international titles account for more than half of the platform’s vast library, and among those titles are Spanish-language shows that are just as compelling. From Who Killed Sara? to Daughter From Another Mother, see 20 of the best Spanish shows on Netflix right now.

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1. ‘always A Witch’

This emotional series centers on Carmen Eguiluz (Angely Gaviria), a 17th century witch who time travels to modern-day Colombia to escape death. However, navigating this new world proves to be a lot more challenging than she anticipated.

2. ‘the Queen Of Flow’

Several years after serving time for a crime that she didn't commit, Yeimy Montoya (María José Vargas) enacts revenge against the people responsible for her downfall. This gripping telenovela will have you teetering on the edge of your seat.

3. ‘club Of Crows’

The death of a successful football club owner leads to a bitter feud between his two children Salvador and Isabel. When Salvador automatically gets chosen to lead the club because of his gender, Isabel does everything in her power to try and take his place. (Fun fact, this is Netflix's first-ever Spanish-language original series.)

4. ‘la Niña’

Based on a true story, this harrowing action drama revolves around a former guerilla fighter who’s haunted by her dark past and struggling to find her place in society. Ana María Estupiñán, Sebastián Eslava and Marcela Benjumea star in this moving series.

5. ‘ingobernable’

Kate del Castillo is Emilia Urquiza, the powerful first lady of Mexico who’s determined to fight for peace in her country. But when she loses faith in her husband, she finds herself at a difficult crossroads.

6. ‘green Frontier’

A detective and her partner go deep into the jungle to investigate a series of murders, but they quickly discover that there’s more to this mysterious place than meets the eye. With its magical elements and nail-biting suspense, Green Frontier is sure to keep you guessing.

7. ‘the House Of Flowers’

Not only does it incorporate elements of the telenovela genre, but it’s also incredibly witty and fun. The House of Flowers tells the story of a dysfunctional Mexican family that owns a flower shop, expertly balancing humor with relevant issues like transphobia and homophobia. (FYI, Netflix is currently developing a spin-off movie, which is set to premiere later this year.)

8. ‘apache: The Life Of Carlos Tevez’

This eye-opening miniseries dramatizes the real life of Argentine soccer player Carlos Tevez, who rose to fame in spite of his harsh living conditions.

9. ‘money Heist’

In Madrid, a criminal mastermind who goes by the name "Professor" recruits eight people to carry out an elaborate heist that involves the Royal Mint of Spain—but it turns out this is just the beginning. Everything is revealed through the eyes of a runaway robber, which only makes the story even more intriguing.

10. ‘toy Boy’

Hugo Beltrán (Jesús Mosquera), a handsome young stripper, finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he wakes up next to the burned corpse of a man. After spending 15 years in jail for a murder he never committed, he teams up with an attorney to figure out what really happened.

11. ‘the Barrier’

If you're drawn to shows that explore class divides and discrimination, then this dystopian drama is right up your alley. Set during the aftermath of World War III, Spain is placed under martial law and divided into two sectors that are separated by a physical wall: the wealthy, who live in luxury and the poor, who are forced to deal with harsh living conditions.

12. ‘Élite’

When a group of working-class teens get enrolled at an elite school in Las Encinas, the culture clash eventually leads to a mysterious murder. Not only are the performances phenomenal, but the show also tackles a number of important themes, from physical appearance and popularity to social media.

13. ‘daughter From Another Mother’

You've definitely heard this storyline before, but in this case, it comes with an interesting twist. Four months after giving birth, two mothers, Mariana and Ana, discover that their babies were accidentally switched. They attempt to switch the babies back, but this proves to be more complicated than they expected.

14. ‘hache’

Looking for a gritty crime drama with captivating characters and steamy, intimate scenes? Well, look no further. In a desperate attempt to get her husband out of jail, Helena (Adriana Ugarte) gets involved with a heroin dealer and familiarizes herself with the heroin trafficking business. But when a drug turf war leads to multiple deaths, Helena is faced with a whole new challenge.

15. ‘valeria’

Valeria (Diana Gómez) not only struggles with writer’s block, but also, she senses that something is missing from her dull marriage. Fortunately, she has her supportive friends to lean on…and the attention of a seriously attractive man.

16. ‘high Seas’

Set in the 1940s, a trip to Brazil on a luxury ship turns into a literal nightmare when a number of mysterious deaths occur. This captivating whodunnit will totally bring out your inner detective.

17. ‘dark Desire’

Alma (Maite Perroni), a married professor and mother, has a passionate affair with an attractive college student, but it turns out she isn't the only one who's keeping secrets.

18. ‘monarca’

This scandalous drama follows Ana María (Irene Azuela), who returns to Mexico and fights to get control of her family's tequila empire before it collapses due to corruption.

19. ‘stolen Away’

It’s been more than ten years since his daughter has disappeared, but that’s not stopping Antonio (Daniel Grao) from trying to find her. He comes up with a plan to investigate the prison system in Colombia, but will this give him the answers he’s looking for?

20. ‘who Killed Sara?’

The show starts off with a boat party gone horribly wrong when a harness fails, resulting in the death of a teen named Sara (Ximena Lamadrid). Fast-forward 18 years, and Sara’s brother, Álex (Manolo Cardona), is completing a prison sentence after being framed for her murder. (It’s no wonder this series hit #2 after it premiered on Netflix.)

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