Allow Us to Introduce the Netflix Comedy Series Fans Can't Quit Talking About

If you're up for a laugh-out-loud comedy that explores the ups and downs of parenthood, then allow us to introduce you to your newest obsession.

Called Daughter From Another Mother (or Madre Sólo Hay Dos), the Mexican drama-comedy puts an interesting twist on the switched-at-birth storyline, and fans can't stop singing its praises on social media. The show premiered on Netflix on Jan. 20, and judging by the trailer, there's much more to the comedy than one might initially guess.

The series follows two mothers, Mariana and Ana, who discover that their babies have been switched four months after they gave birth. Naturally, the next move is for them to switch the babies back, but this proves to be a challenge because both moms have already bonded with each other's child. To avoid further chaos, the two moms agree to never contact each other again after the switch—but this only leads to even more complications down the road.

Daughter From Another Mother stars Vicky Araico as Lorena, Javier Ponce as Pablo, Liz Gallardo as Teresa, Martín Altomaro as Juan Carlos, Paulina Goto as Mariana and Ludwika Paleta as Ana. 

While the plot sounds a bit far-fetched, the series has its fair share of poignant moments. It centers on the growing relationship between Mariana and Ana while addressing the everyday challenges of motherhood. Joel Keller wrote in Decider that it "grounds a premise that would normally seem outlandish, making it seem plausible that two mothers with opposite philosophies and lives will come together after their babies are switched by accident." And one fan on Twitter said, "Watching Daughter From Another Mother on Netflix and guys, I can’t stop crying. Motherhood is so beautiful. I don’t have kids but I’m someone’s kid and I love my mom so much."

We know what we'll be watching tonight.

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