Rosamund Pike's Upcoming Crime Thriller on Netflix Is Giving Us ‘Gone Girl’ Vibes

Netflix has been blessing us with an endless stream of new content, and this week, we've got our eyes on a dark comedy thriller that's sure to top the most-watched list.

Allow us to introduce you to I Care a Lot, which is set to hit the streaming platform on Feb. 19. The film stars Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike and, judging by this trailer, her character is essentially a reincarnation of the calculating Amy Dunne.

The movie follows Marla Grayson, a corrupt legal guardian (Pike) who swindles elderly “clients” for her personal gain. She manages to successfully con dozens of senior citizens, but when Marla tries to pull the same trick on a new client named Jennifer Peterson, she realizes that there's more to the woman than meets the eye.

In addition to Pike, the film stars Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Chris Messina and Dianne Wiest. Writer-director J Blakeson produced the film, along with Michael Heimler, Teddy Schwarzman and Ben Stillman.

Not surprisingly, I Care A Lot has already earned a 93 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and critics can't stop raving about it. In Variety, Owen Gleiberman described it as a “sleekly unnerving thriller.” He added, “It’s built around a scam just plausible enough to give you pause, and a protagonist who’s so efficient in her diabolical ruthlessness that you can scarcely take your eyes off her vicious amoral glow.”

Critic Katie Rife also wrote, "Pike's performance remains sharp as her character's blonde bob throughout, and the pleasures of watching her and Dinklage face off are significant."

Yep, we're sold.

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