‘Succession’ Star Jeremy Strong Originally Auditioned for Another Role—But He Didn’t Get the Part

jeremy strong succession roman

Succession fans know Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, but they might not know that the 42-year-old actor nearly portrayed a different character on the popular HBO series.

Earlier this month, Strong sat down for an interview with The New Yorker and revealed that he originally auditioned to play Kendall’s younger brother, Roman. It all started when executive producer Adam McKay approached him with the Succession script and said, “Tell me what role you connect with.”

Strong immediately felt connected to Roman: “I thought, ‘Oh, wow, Roman is such a cool part. He’s, like, this bon-vivant prick. I could do something that I hadn’t done before.’”

Unfortunately, Strong didn’t get the part—Kiernan Culkin did. However, series creator Jesse Armstrong still agreed to let him audition for the role of Kendall. “I’ve always felt like an outsider with a fire in my belly,” Strong said. “And so, the disappointment and the feeling of being thwarted—it only sharpened my need and hunger. I went in with a vengeance.”

As we all know, Strong landed the role, and to this day, he takes the honor very seriously. “To me, the stakes are life and death,” he explained. “I take him as seriously as I take my own life.”

Succession originally premiered on HBO back in 2018. Although season three is currently airing on HBO, the series has already been renewed for season four. Other cast members include Sarah Snook, Brian Cox, Nicholas Braun, Alan Ruck and J. Smith-Cameron.

We’ll never look at Kendall (or Roman) the same.

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