This Spanish Drama Is Currently Number #1 on Netflix with 30 Million+ Hours Viewed This Week

Spanish dramas have become some of our favorite streaming options on Netflix. With shows like Elite, Who Killed Sara? and Money Heist dominating the top 10 list on numerous occasions, it makes sense why more Spanish-language dramas have been popping up on the streaming service. Now, there is a new series that just debuted on the platform and it’s already pulling some pretty big numbers.

This week, Netflix reported the new Spanish drama, Intimacy, is currently the number one most-watched non-English television show on the platform. Per the report, the drama has been viewed for a total of 30.21M hours, surpassing the Spanish thriller Wrong Side of the Tracks (9.68M hours viewed) and Our Blues (15M hours viewed).

Intimacy follows a female politician named Malen Zubiri (Itziar Ituño), who is running for the Mayorship of Bilbao. However, a sex tape featuring the politician is leaked to the press, destroying her sense of privacy. The narrative depicts the lives of four women who have endured the same situation and their fight for justice.

The ensemble cast includes Patricia López Arnaiz (Begoña Uribe), Emma Suárez (Miren), Verónica Echegui (Ane Uribe) and Ana Wagener (Alicia Vásquez). The first eight episodes of the drama series are streaming now on Netflix.

There has been no confirmation of a second season renewal. But, judging by how well the first season has performed amongst viewers, another installment could be on the horizon. We can hope, right?

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