I Just Watched ‘Harry & Meghan’s American Dream’ & Here Are 5 Shocking Things I Learned

After the whirlwind of Oprah Winfrey’s candid interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we can’t seem to get enough of the royal family. So, when People released a brand-new movie, titled Harry & Meghan’s American Dream, we knew we’d pencil it into our schedule.

Our biggest concern was that it wasn’t going to offer any new information, since Oprah prompted several jaw-dropping confessions—however, that wasn’t the case. Here, five things we learned from People Presents: Harry & Meghan’s American Dream.

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1. Harry Was Always Pushed To The Side

Remember when Prince Harry talked about the lack of support he received from the royal family? Well, according to Michelle Tauber (Senior Royals Editor for People magazine), he was treated that way his entire life.

“For most of his life, Harry was raised as the so-called spare to his older brother, Prince William, the heir,” she said. “His older brother had a very clear path. He was being groomed very specifically for the role of future king, and Harry didn’t have that. Harry was left to really figure out for himself what his path would be.”

2. Queen Elizabeth *was* Blindsided By The Media

Prince Harry said that he’d never “blindside” his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Although he informed her about his departure from the royal family, he didn’t tell her when he’d make the public announcement.

“I think the talk about blindsiding the queen originates from the way in which the news came out,” Tauber said. “There was some talk in the media that the queen definitely knew that a decision had been made but wasn't fully aware when that news would be hitting the press.”

3. Prince Harry's Biggest Loss Involved His Military Titles

Prince Harry lost several things when he stepped down as a senior royal, including financial support. But one of the most devastating blows was losing his military titles. “Losing his military titles really did seem a particularly harsh blow for Harry,” Tauber explained. “He cares so much about the military, and he served so honorably.”

4. Paparazzi Sent Drones To Take Photos Of Archie

While we heard reports at the time, it was shocking to actually get confirmation: Shortly after Prince Harry and Markle left London and moved into their new home, they were greeted by drones, which were sent by the paparazzi to get an aerial shot of the backyard. The problem? Their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, just so happened to be playing outside. So, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took the photographers to court…and won.

“These pictures, of course, were just a huge issue for Meghan and Harry,” said Janine Rubenstein, the host of People Every Day podcast.

5. Archewell Was Created With Freedom In Mind

After retiring the Sussex Royal brand, Prince Harry and Markle launched their own version, called Archewell, which is free of the royal family’s rules. “They were stifled, to say the least, when they were within the royal realm,” Rubenstein said. “Now they’re able to throw out those constraints and be the heroes that, I think they see themselves as being.”

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