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Maybe you just finished a great book. Maybe you’re in the middle of a not-great book and are looking for an escape. Either way, you need something new to read. Here, six titles coming out this month that are totally worth picking up.

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march books Carter
Cover: Counterpoint; Background: Twenty20

“Lucky You” by Erika Carter

Carter’s wry debut novel is about three 20-somethings, Ellie, Chloe and Rachel, stuck in unfulfilling routines in rural Arkansas. When Rachel starts a relationship with a messianic boyfriend and decides to live off-grid to revitalize her life, Ellie and Chloe join her, and what follows is a darkly funny and melancholic look at the inevitable uncertainty of early adulthood.

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march books hamid
Cover: Riverhead Books; Background: Twenty20

“Exit West” by Mohsin Hamid

Set in an unnamed country during a civil war, this novel follows two migrants, Nadia and Saeed, who flee for Europe and the United States for a better life. Despite escaping danger at home, their new situation is anything but simple, as they juggle holding on to their past while struggling to assimilate to unfamiliar (and sometimes unwelcoming) cultures. Timely? Yeah, you could say that.

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march books buck
Cover: Atria Books; Background: Twenty20

“The Price of Illusion” by Joan Juliet Buck

The only American to have edited French Vogue (1994-2001), Buck’s long-awaited memoir takes a thrilling look behind the scenes of her wildly glamorous life. Think famous friendships (like a lifelong one with Anjelica Huston), fashion-world scandals (like her controversial ouster from Vogue) and every kind of name drop under the sun (seriously—everyone from Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld to Tom Wolfe and Peter O’Toole).

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march books copeland
Cover: Grand Central Life & Style; Background: Twenty20

“Ballerina Body” by Misty Copeland

The American Ballet Theater's first black female principal, Copeland writes with inspiring strength about rising to the top of a field in which her body type isn't typically celebrated. Her second book (after her 2014 memoir) also focuses on health and fitness—with meal plans, workout routines and motivational tips to read when you just want to eat a bucket of cheese fries.

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march books attenberg
Cover: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Background: Twenty20

“All Grown Up” by Jami Attenberg

Andrea is single, childless and 39 years old. She’s got awesome friends and a solid career. So why does she feel like she’s not living up to expectations? Attenberg’s latest takes on the ridiculous standards we set for ourselves, all with humor and aching relatability.

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march books tinti
Cover: The Dial Press; Background: Twenty20

“The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley” by Hannah Tinti

Equal parts coming-of-age novel and literary thriller, Tinti’s new book follows the titular Samuel (a rough-around-the-edges thief) and his daughter, Loo, as they settle in a Massachusetts fishing town after years on the run.

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