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Your makeup is on point. You love your outfit. Heck, you even nailed that whole eye-squinching thing Emma Stone is so good at. You’re pretty much a pro when it comes to having your photo taken…except for your flopping, dangling arms. What on earth should you do with them? Fear not: We have some tricks up our sleeves.

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Tuck Your Hair

Brush a strand of hair (real or imaginary) behind one ear—preferably on your good side. The placement of your hand draws attention to your face, while your slightly cocked arm looks downright dainty.


Pose with a Pal

Fact: Friends make everything better. Especially awkward social situations, like getting your photo taken. The next time someone ambushes you with a camera, casually link arms with whomever you’re next to and smile.

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Hold Onto Something

…Like a clutch or a classy cocktail. (Any drink will do, really.) Just make sure to loosen your grip. You want your body language to convey ease and comfort, not the fear of being mugged.

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Put One Hand in Your Pocket

This is what we call a power pose. Stand straight with one leg slightly jutted out past the other. Then make like you’re reaching into your pocket for something important (like that Black Card—OK, fine, stick of gum). While you’re at it, double up on poses and hang on to your bag, too.


Keep Them in Motion

There’s a reason why so many fashion bloggers keep things moving. Walking gives your arms something to do, while naturally coaxing your body into that slimming side angle.


Try the Shoulder Drape

When in doubt, drape your coat or sweater over your shoulders. And just like that, you no longer have to worry about what to do with your arms. They’ll remain mostly covered and you’ll look effortlessly chic.

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