13 Reasons to Try a Mini Bag This Fall

Lighten up, y'all

Compact, lightweight and easy to tote—these adorable purses had us at "mini." And what's not to love? Downsized bags mean you have more versatility in outfit styling and affordability to rock the designers you love. We turned to Pinterest to find 13 reasons why you should give this trend a whirl. (And for more inspiration, head to our fall fashion board.)


Brooklyn Blonde

It's A Foolproof Way To Dress Up A Outfit

Step up your ensemble, effortlessly, by adding a sleek little bag to the mix. Luxe hardware and quality leather will immediately elevate any look.

It'll Alleviate Back Pain

Lighter bags mean you have to carry less around with you. Marie Kondo would approve.

Sincerely Jules

It'll Give You Unrestricted Movement

Cool crossbodies give you full use of your arms, letting you hold your coffee while you search for your keys, grab your child’s hand…you know the drill.

It Lets You Try Bold Colors...safely

Scared to go red in a larger, more committal fashion? A smaller version allows you to sample interesting hues in a more manageable format.

And It's More Likely To Have Cool Statement-making Details

We love smaller-scale bags that still say something. A long swathe of fringe? A stark white color accented with black hardware? Winners all around.

It Often Comes In Easy Shapes

The pouch-like shape of this bag makes it more ergonomic as well as stylish. Bonus points for a section of leather on the strap for added comfort.

It Allows For More Options And Mash-ups

Playing with two colors on bags can be tricky, but with a mini you can easily colorblock without it taking center stage.

It Can Add A Quick Pop Of Color

A saturated little handbag acts almost like jewelry. Add it to an already colorful outfit or something more subdued—you can't go wrong.

It Keeps Metallics Low-key

Textural and high-shine bags can alienate your wardrobe, but go smaller and suddenly you can wear them with formal and casual looks alike.

The Hardware Isn’t So Heavy

With larger designer bags the accents can weigh almost as much as the leather. Not so with these smaller options. Full permission to go big with metal details (without feeling weighed down).

Chapter Friday

It Can Come In Sweet Little Shapes Like Circles

You can’t pull off the same effect of a circular bag when it’s enormous and unwieldy. This perfectly sized number is simple and effortlessly cool.

It's A Great Way To Invest In Classics

Die-hard brand loyalists will find no shortage of tried-and-true options in a smaller size.

Or You Can Go All-out Kitschy

With the diminutive size, those whimsical details don't seem childish. Fun wins!

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