The 10 Most Photogenic Clothes You Can Wear

One minute you’re brunching in your awesome tunic dress and loving life (and the fact that you don’t have to button any pants). The next, you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and realize that, whoooops, you look like you ate 14 brunches and maybe carried an octuplet or two. Here, ten flattering pieces that lengthen, slim and always photograph well.

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A Snug Sweater

Save your oversized knits for another day (or perhaps every other day because they’re so dang comfortable). On photo day, opt for a form-fitting style in a lighter fabric to avoid adding any bulk to your frame. A simple sweater also helps to tone down flashier bottoms or accessories.

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Wide-legged Pants

Much more forgiving than skinny jeans, a wide-legged pant skims your hips and creates the illusion of longer, leaner legs. Wear them with the aforementioned fitted sweater to keep proportions in check and the overall look streamlined.

photogenic clothes midi skirt
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A Midi Skirt

As far as fashion trends go, the midi skirt is the great equalizer in that it works on anyone—and is appropriate for any occasion. Bust out your trusty fit-and-flare one or try a wrap style for an extra-slimming effect.

photogenic clothes strappy nude heels
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Strappy Nude Heels

The most popular shoe on the red carpet for good reason, a nude two-strap heel lengthens your legs, straightens your posture and doesn’t clash with anything else you’re wearing.

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A Collared Shirt

This classic layering piece does for your neckline what the nude heel does for your legs: elongates. Just make sure to undo a button or two up top to keep it from looking stuffy.

photogenic clothes statement earrings
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Statement Earrings

Standout earrings frame your face and pick up light, which helps to brighten your overall look and complexion. 

photogenic clothes off the shoulder
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Off-the-shoulder Tops And Dresses

This trendy style is also supremely flattering because it shows off your shoulders and collarbones while keeping your upper arms (aka the widest part of your arm) covered. If you have a larger bust, look for something that's more fitted than loose (which can make things appear bigger) and opt for darker colors like black or navy.

photogenic clothes trousers with a tuck
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Trousers With A Tuck

So what do you do with all of your oversized knits and blouses? Tuck them into a pair of high-rise jeans or pants to show off your waist and give them some shape.

photogenic clothes fitted blazer
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A Fitted Blazer

There’s nothing like a good structured shoulder to make the rest of your frame look lithe. Go for a sharp suiting look or tame a maxi dress with a sleek blazer that hides a multitude of sins (like those aforementioned brunch food babies).

photogenic clothes unbuttoned overcoat
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An Unbuttoned Coat

Like the fitted blazer, a loosely draped overcoat gives your outfit a little frame. Just make sure you’re not drowning in fabric beneath it. Keep the rest minimal and close-cut (think: skinny jeans and pencil skirts).

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