Can NYC Women Really Get Behind Spring's Biggest Hair Trend?

Let's investigate.

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New Yorkers are known for their cool and sophisticated looks, a fact that’s often reflected in their choice of hairstyle. Whether opting for a major chop or rocking a silky smooth blowout, the women of NYC are undeniably chic. But now, a big (and we mean, big) hair trend is taking the country by storm and time will tell if New Yorkers are ready for it. Bobs and blowouts will forever remain a staple, but 'Texan Hair' has made its way to the Big Apple—here's everything you need to know (including how to get the voluminous look yourself).

What Is Texan Hair?

'Texan Hair' is a fancy way of saying a voluminous blowout as it lifts hair at the root and flows into large bouncy curls. The hairstyle drives its inspiration from Southern states (like Texas, Tennessee and Georgia) with many women down south rocking big and bold looks. (Everything is bigger in Texas, after all.) It also reminds us of the classic '90s blowout (or what Gen-Zers like to call it 'fluffy hair').

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Why Is It So Popular Right Now?

One word: Beyoncé. The star is currently in her Cowboy Core era and we're loving her big hair this year. Other stars like Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez have also sported some impressive height on the red carpet. We also have to give flowers to country icons like Dolly Parton and Reba McEnitre, who have been rocking various iterations of big, beautiful hair for decades.

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Are New Yorkers *Really* On Board?

While some of us are hesitant (aka me—have you seen my hair in humidity?!), the overall consensus is that we're willing to give it a try. If anything it takes us back to the 2010s when Gossip Girl made it super cool to rock a voluminous 'do on the streets of NYC.

"I'm for it! All I see is a really good '90s blowout. As someone who needs all the help she can get in the volume department, I can tell you that my Youtube search history definitely shows some version of a voluminous blowout that qualifies as the 'Texan Hair' trend," says Marissa Wu, associate SEO editor at PureWow. "Also as someone whose family is actually from Texas, I can confirm that everything there is, indeed, bigger."

How to Recreate Texan Hair

It's all about va va volume and some great prep work. Celebrity Hairstylist Brianna Cisneros previously told us, “Your stylist will need to add layers throughout to create a lot more lift at the roots and get the most volume. You also want to add dimension, even if it’s subtle, to give hair depth and help showcase the volume of the hairstyle.”

If you want to recreate Texan hair, first apply a volumizing spray or mousse before trying out one of these methods:

  • If you're using a blow dryer and round brush, focus on lifting at the root for bouncier locks.
  • If you're using hot rollers, once you wrap each section up, wait a few minutes to set and cool down. Then spend time gently brushing (or combing) through each section for voluminous layers.
  • If you're using a curling iron, opt for an one-inch rod to get large barrel curls and gently fluff them out.

One more thing: We all know a thing or two about summer in NYC, so remember to apply some hairspray to complete the look. This crucial step will keep everything in place and frizz-free. The last thing we want once we step out of the subway station is poofy hair.

So, are us NYC girlies ready to take a page from our Southern friends? Maybe. As long as we have a stronghold spray, that is.

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