20 Hairstyles for Poofy Hair That Will Keep Frizz in Check This Summer

Summer can be a challenging time for those of us with poofy hair because as the temps rise, our hair seems to rise with it. Thankfully, we’ve found some looks that tame frizz and keep our abundant volume in check through all the outdoor festivities that come with the season. From a top knot to box braids, here are 20 hairstyles for poofy hair to rock all summer long.

35 Easy Summer Hairstyles to Help You Keep Cool on the Hottest Days

hairstyles for poofy hair chignon bun
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1. Chignon Bun

If your ends give you the most trouble in the summer, this chignon bun offers a quick and stylish fix that works for any occasion (especially nights out). Create a low ponytail before wrapping it around your hair tie and tucking the ends in with a few bobby pins.

hairstyles for poofy hair halo braid
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2. Halo Braid

When in doubt, secure your poofy hair with a crown braid. The halo style keeps strands in place, while making you feel like a summer goddess all season long.

hairstyles for poofy hair french braid
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3. French Braid

Whether you rock one like Hailey Bieber or section your hair into two separate French braids, this classic style will definitely keep frizz at bay.

hairstyles for poofy hair fishtail braid
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4. Fishtail Braid

A French braid is cool, but to take things to the next level, you may want to consider a fishtail braid. And if you’re worried that a fishtail braid might be too complicated to achieve, we found a simple beginner’s guide to get you started.

hairstyles for poofy hair high ponytail
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5. High Ponytail

Ariana Grande (aka the queen of high ponytails) may be onto something. A high pony keeps hair away from your face, slicks down any flyaways and gives an overall polish to your look, as though you just stepped off the red carpet. Simply brush your hair towards the crown of your head before tying it up and marveling at your long mane.

hairstyles for poofy hair low ponytail
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6. Low Ponytail

Take a page from Zendaya and embrace your poofy glory. Slick down the front with a little gel and gather the rest of your hair into a pony, letting your natural volume take center stage.

hairstyles for poofy hair tousled updo
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7. Tousled Updo

Who says a messy updo can’t look high fashion? Kristen Stewart’s French twist is intentionally styled in a way that embraces her tousled texture. To recreate the look, leave some loose strands around the twist and include a few face-framing bangs like Stewart to finish.

hairstyles for poofy hair half updo
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8. Half Updo

There’s no need to sacrifice length or style when this half up ‘do gives you the best of both worlds.

hairstyles for poofy hair stacked clips
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9. Stacked Clips

When in doubt, you can always rely on accessories to keep your hair down. Whether you use barrettes or bobby pins, these picks are as functional as they are stylish for a sunny day out.

hairstyles for poofy hair space buns
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10. Space Buns

This Y2K style will keep your hair from venturing too far out into the galaxy. Whether you have a massive mane that falls below your shoulders or shorter locks, this look will add height and polish.

hairstyles for poofy hair top knot
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11. Top Knot

When the heat makes your strands stick to your neck, it’s time to wrap them up. Channel Jessica Biel and try a simple top knot to cool things down. Begin with a high pony before wrapping it around a hair tie and pinning the ends in place.

hairstyles for poofy hair shaggy cut
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12. Shaggy Cut

Here’s your sign to embrace the poofy hair lifestyle and get a cut that fits your big locks. The shaggy haircut (aka the coolest trend of 2021) continues to be hot this season. Just ask Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Natasha Lyonne.

hairstyles for poofy hair the wet look
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13. The Wet Look

We love the wet look because it defines your natural texture, while leaving strands frizz-free. After a wash, add mousse or styling gel and comb it through each section for sleek waves.

hairstyles for poofy hair cornrows
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14. Cornrows

Cornrows are a great protective style for natural hair. The possibilities are endless when it comes to length, number of rows and the overall design. But you’re more than welcome to show this pic of Tracee Ellis Ross to your stylist to get your summer started on the right note.

hairstyles for poofy hair box braids
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15. Box Braids

Another popular protective style for the summer also happens to be the most versatile of the bunch. Whether you wear your box braids half-up in a high ponytail or simply wear it down, there’s no way poofy hair is going to be an issue.

hairstyles for poofy hair bantu buns
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16. Bantu Buns

Move over space buns and top knots, Bantu knots let you rock multiple mini buns at once. People with thick and/or curly hair can appreciate how the style keeps strands away from their faces (and necks) as the heat rises.

hairstyles for poofy hair headband
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17. Headband

Whatever direction your hair decides to go (because sometimes it has a mind of its own), a headband can always help. Be your very own Blair Waldorf and brush your hair away from your face before topping things off.

hairstyles for poofy hair bubble braid
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18. Bubble Braid

The bubble braid is a trendy and practical way to keep your hair secured. It’s also a look that anyone can do easily at home. Grab a few hair ties and start adding “bubbles” to your pony by sectioning them off, one by one until you reach your desired look.

hairstyles for poofy hair pineapple updo
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19. Pineapple Updo

Curly gals will appreciate this interpretation of a high ponytail. All it takes is gathering your generous swirls into a loose pony and letting them cascade down in all their poofy glory.

hairstyles for poofy hair brushed out
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20. Brushed Out

Three words: Embrace. The. Mane.

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