Sunset Blush, Opal Skin and 7 Other Summer Makeup Trends I’m Predicting Will be Hot This Season

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Summer is nearly here and it’s giving me an excuse to dabble in the hottest looks of the season. I’ve already spotted a few rising hair trends (like hydro bob and French curl braids), but I’m also seeing an influx of makeup looks that are going to be amazing for a music festival or a brunch with friends. As a beauty editor, I’m constantly scouring the internet for the next big thing, so here’s a list of the top summer makeup trends that you’re going to see everywhere in the next couple of months. Plus, I tapped a few makeup artists to share their own predictions, from sunset blush to opal skin. 

Meet the Experts

  • Ayami Nishimura is a celebrity makeup artist with 25 years of experience in the industry. She is currently based in New York, but originated from Japan. Nishimura’s looks are known to be colorful and graphic yet simplistic. Her work has been featured in editorial shoots, brand campaigns and on runways. 
  • Alex Byrne is a celebrity makeup artist and men’s groomer based in New York. She was previously a contributing beauty writer for The Guardian and worked behind the scenes at shows for Prada, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana. Her work is currently featured on red carpets, award ceremonies and in editorial shoots. 
  • Aaron Barry is a celebrity hair and makeup artist based in Los Angeles. He is known for his fresh makeup looks that enhance one’s natural beauty. His work has been featured on red carpets and editorially in publications such as Mundane Magazine, Jejune Magazine and Cliché Magazine. His clients include McKenna Grace, Bebe Wood and Jennifer Morrison. 

1. Sunset Blush

Sunset blush has been all over my FYP (For You Page on TikTok) and I believe it’s going to get even bigger in the weeks ahead. I came across this six second video, where creator Alissa Janay applies a golden liquid highlighter, along with a few dots of an orange and hot pink liquid blush on the highest point of her cheeks. She then uses a blending blush to create a gradient effect reminiscent of a summer sunset. It’s a bold statement look that will surely turn heads (and I can’t wait to try it out myself). 

2. Boyfriend Blush

Prince Harry is making headlines…in the beauty world. Yup, ‘boyfriend blush’ is heavily inspired by his rosy cheeks and creators are taking note. As Associate SEO Marissa Wu previously explained, “While many of us have been taught to apply blush to the tops of our cheekbones to create a ‘lift,’ boyfriend blush is applied slightly below the cheekbones in a triangular shape.” Whether you prefer powder, cream or liquid blush, this trend can be modified to fit any face shape as shown by creator and makeup artist Mallory Osses in her series on TikTok. 

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3. Golden Kisses

Want to look as though you’ve been kissed by the sun but not keen on laying under the harsh rays all day? Well, this makeup look adds a dash of golden tones to your skin using just a liquid illuminator or highlighter. As Nishimura explains, “The golden kisses look mimics the best feeling of the summer. It adds warmth to the skin and highlights [key areas] by using gold on the cheekbones, bridge of your nose and eyelids.” 

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4. Blue Eyeshadow

I previously reported that blue was going to be a trending shade in 2024 and I think we’re going to see a huge spike in popularity for the hue this summer. Nishimura points out that the color is striking and fun, and it draws attention to the eyes. Grab your palette or a liquid shadow and apply it directly on the lids. Due to the boldness of the color, Nishimura recommends keeping the rest of your look minimal with neutral tones on the lips and cheeks. 

5. Peachy Beachy

Hailey Bieber has been credited for many recent beauty trends (i.e., clean girl aesthetic and glazed donut nails), so it’s no surprise that her ‘peachy beachy makeup’ routine is gaining momentum online. It even gets a stamp of approval from Bryne, who says it’s going to be a top look for all the hot summer parties. (It doesn’t hurt that Pantone’s Color of the Year is ‘Peach Fuzz.’) “A sunkissed, mostly peach-toned trend is taking center stage for blush, eyeshadow and even bronzer. There are slightly more pink and coral variations to suit skin tones, but it’s a warm summer glow all the same,” shares Bryne. Apply the star shade across the apple of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, while buffing it out with a soft angled brush. She adds, “Feel free to layer more or add color at the tops of your cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow and perhaps the middle of your eyelid.” 

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6. Opal Skin

While golden skin is a staple for summer, Barry predicts more opal and pearlescent looks will surge in popularity this season. “This will be popular as AI makeup references are trending. There is a Sci-Fi futuristic skin look that people want to achieve with their skin. This trend also gives the ‘no makeup makeup’ girlies time to shine,” he says. To achieve this look, it’s all about keeping the skin hydrated and highlighted with a lightweight foundation (or skin tint) and a creamy pearlescent highlighter. “The products complement each other perfectly when used together. The foundation requires minimal touch ups, while the offers a natural enhancement,” Barry notes. 

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7. Cloud Skin Makeup

Assistant Editor Delia Curtis previously raved about cloud skin makeup in 2023 and it looks like it's making a comeback. It recently sprung up at this year’s Met Gala with celebs like Ayo Edebiri sporting the soft satin look on the red carpet. As Dagdag shares, “Cloud skin is all about balancing a soft matte and satin glow on the skin. Too much radiance in the summertime can make you look sweaty instead of fresh and dewy. This trend still brings out a glow, but gives it more dimension and appears more satin than shiny.” To get the look at home, Dagdag recommends applying a hydrating serum, moisturizer and primer before adding a dewy highlighter underneath your foundation to the highpoints of your cheeks, tip of the nose and center of your forehead. In order to get a soft matte finish, she notes a loose powder should be applied lightly all over the face before spritzing on a setting spray to complete the look.

8. Party Girl Aesthetic

In January, Birdwell predicted the party girl aesthetic was going to take over 2024 and topple over the clean girl aesthetic for good. Well, our predictions are correct because I’m already seeing it everywhere. As he explains, “This trend is all about reviving nightlife and we’ll see full glam looks everyone will want to show off. It has a 2000’s vibe to it, so it just feels fun and self-expressive.” It’s all about shimmers, shimmers and more shimmer. Opt for glossy lips, glitter lids and bright highlighter for an all-out shine. 

9. Flush Blush

Noticing a trend here? Here’s another blush technique to add to your routine this summer, as shown by Miss Sabrina Carpenter above. “The cheeks are draped in berry and pink blush that signify a romantic feeling and adds a youthful freshness to the face,” says Birdwell. “Placement is key because it’s in areas you would naturally flush. The ‘W’ technique is a great baseline application for all face shapes, so apply your blush to the apple of the cheeks blending slightly under the eye, the bridge of the nose and back up to the hairline.” He also mentions this blush placement looks best with sheer rosy tones on the lips and fluffy, wispy lashes.

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Additional Experts

  • Helen Dagdag is makeup artist and beauty director for Sephora based in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been featured in brand campaigns, fashion photoshoots and video projects. She currently uses her social platforms to share product recommendations and beauty tutorials. 
  • David Birdwell is a celebrity makeup artist and the executive director of global education and artistry for BUXOM Cosmetics and bareMinerals. He has more than 25 years of experience in the beauty space. His previous clients include Jordyn Woods and Pritika Swarup. 

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