Wait, Why Do People on TikTok Want ‘Prince Harry Blush’? (AKA Boyfriend Blush)

you could call it a *royal flush*

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If there’s one thing that’s true about PureWow editors, it’s that if something is royal approved, we want in. (We are the home to the Royally Obsessed podcast, after all.) From Kate Middleton’s “third piece” fashion trick to Meghan Markle’s Princess Diana-inspired blazer and Duchess Sophie’s chic collarless coat, I can say without hesitation that the ladies of the royal family are fashion icons. But, thanks to one TikTok makeup artist and a bevy of beauties at the Met Gala, there’s a new style influencer in the house—er, palace. Introducing the Prince Harry-inspired “boyfriend blush.”

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What Is Boyfriend Blush?

The makeup look was first coined by TikToker and makeup artist Mallory Osses, who shared a video featuring a photo of a much younger and ruddy-cheeked Prince Harry. It then transitions to Osses applying her blush to similar areas of her face to achieve a “blushing” look that mimics Harry’s flush. While many of us have been taught to apply blush to the tops of our cheekbones to create a “lift”, boyfriend blush, as Osses demonstrates, is applied slightly below the cheekbones in a triangular shape. (Though, in subsequent videos, Osses explains precisely how to apply boyfriend blush to different face shapes, as placement can vary slightly.)

How to Apply Boyfriend Blush

While your face shape will influence the exact placement of the blush, Osses notes that if the lower placement down your cheek à la Harry isn’t working, you can “place it more towards the outer edge of the face like Lady Diana...She has a beautiful, natural flush. If boyfriend blush isn’t working for you, take your cream blush, turn your head to the side and place it almost at the edge of your face. You don’t have to go super high on the cheekbone. Keep it mid-length.” She then buffs it out towards her ear. If you draw a line down from your cheekbone to your jaw line, the blush shouldn't spread past that.

Who knew Prince Harry would be a beauty influencer?

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