I’m a Beauty Editor & the Haus Labs Color Fuse Blush Is Easily the Best I’ve Tried in Years

You could say I’m gaga for it

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I don’t follow astrology as closely as some of friends do, but I’m a Leo and I’m told that one of the lion’s strongest traits is loyalty, which I’d have to agree with. Case in point: My college friends and I have a weekly FaceTime that has withstood cross-country moves, marriages and most recently, children.

In my profession as a beauty editor, I try a dizzying number of products on a regular basis, but if I like something, I’ll use it until the very last drop or particle, even cutting open tubes and scraping pans to get the last remnants out before replacing it.

This is all a very long-winded way of saying that when I like something (or someone), I’m in it for the long haul, which is why I’m over-the-moon about Haus Labs making their Color Fuse blush a part of their permanent line.

Where to Apply Blush for an Instant Lift (Hint: It’s Not the Apples of Your Cheeks)

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Haus Labs

Initially a limited-edition launch last year, it quickly went viral on TikTok and sold out, which had me hoarding mine like a Depression-era granny.

Due to its immense popularity, it was reintroduced in March 2024 and will remain in the brand’s core lineup—and thank goodness for that because I never want to be without it.

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Jenny Jin for PureWow

I haven't been this enamored by a blush in years, y'all. It packs so much pigment and yet, it sheers out beautifully, leaving behind the most flattering flush that doesn’t look the slightest pit patchy or uneven. Though I typically prefer cream blushes, I’ve made an exception for this powder because it melts into your skin, much like a cream does and doesn’t look flat or dry. It also gets bonus points for longevity—I've worn it to many sweaty dance classes and it never budges. (Plus, it’s non-comedogenic, in case you constantly worry about breakouts like I do.)

To use it, I load up a fluffy brush, and tap off the excess powder before sweeping the color just above the apples of my cheeks, blending upwards to subtly lift my features. And here’s a tip I learned from a makeup artist in Seoul last summer: Take any leftover blush on your brush and sweep it across the bridge of your nose for a more cohesive glow.

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Haus Labs

The talc-free formula has been repackaged to fit a slightly smaller sized compact that includes a corresponding cover that shows what shade of blush you’re getting. On that note: Color Fuse blush is available in six shades: French Rosette, Fire Moon, Dragon Fruit Daze, Pomelo Peach, Hibiscus Haze and Watermelon Bliss.

My go-tos are Dragon Fruit Daze, a cool-toned pink that makes my sleepy face come alive, and Pomelo Peach, which is the softest, watercolor coral that’s impossible to overdo.

And if right about now you’re thinking, how great can it possibly be? I’ll say this: I love this blush so much and use it so often that when I accidentally left my makeup bag at my parent’s house the other weekend, I lasted about two days before picking up a second compact of Dragon Fruit Daze. This is bonkers, I know, especially considering I have a drawer full of other blushes I could’ve used in the interim. But I stand by my decision, and I assure you, I will use both compacts until I hit pan on them.

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