The One Eye Makeup Trend You'll See Everywhere in Seoul Right Now

All over the streets of Seoul, there is one makeup trend that shines above the rest: glittery eyes. Notice we didn’t say glittery eyeshadow, and that was intentional because the look is much subtler than coating your entire lid in a wash of shimmer, as we often see here in the States. 

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The placement of glitter is strategic and constrained in a way. A thin sliver of sparkly liner just along your lower lashline. A dot of glitter in the inner corners of your eyes. A hint of glimmer just above your pupils. The glitter isn’t meant to make a statement or become the focal point of your look; it’s meant to be a finishing touch.

It’s the minimalist approach to something that’s typically very maximalist, which is also what makes it so wearable for every day (as shown above). We’ve found that the smallest amount of glitter lends a near imperceptible sparkle to your eyes, so they look brighter and a little less tired.

That said, it’s also a popular choice for brides and celebrities on red carpets and stage performances because it adds that extra something special to your look.

Speaking of which, you can always channel a K-Pop idol (or your eighth grade self before a school dance) and amp up the sparkle for a night out or just for the fun of it all.

Unlike many makeup trends that require a steady hand and a level of skill, this one is relatively simple to do—especially if you have a glitter liner or a stick because you can just swipe it directly onto your skin. Or you can always use a small eyeshadow brush to sweep on some sparkly shadow exactly where you want it. Either way, you’ll shine.

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