10 Hairstyles Everyone in Seoul Wants Right Now

Seoul, the glittering capital of South Korea. Home of K-Pop (hello, BTS), dalgona candy, Samsung and skincare as we know it today. It may come as no surprise that the trendsetting city is also ahead of the curve when it comes to hair, with salons constantly experimenting with different cuts and colors. Curious what styles our friends in SK are requesting these days? Pull up a chair and let’s look through the 10 hairstyles everyone in Seoul wants right now.

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About K-Beauty

1. U-shaped Bangs

AKA South Korea’s answer to curtain bangs. Though they part to either side like curtain bangs do, these are cut into more of an upside-down U shape to gently frame your face and add a little bounce to the ends.

2. C-curl Perms

A C-Curl perm is a go-to for those seeking volume and texture. This perm makes your strands straight and smooth overall with just a hint of curl at the ends like a classic blowout.

3. Air Perm

Another popular perm is the Air Perm, which renders hair soft and wavy, and nothing like the perms our moms had back in the ‘80s. The salon service uses heat and chemicals to shape your strands into loose waves, while retaining fluffy volume.

4. Milk Tea Brown

This is a very specific shade of brown that’s often seen on the streets of Seoul. Ashy with subtle hints of dark blonde, the milky hue is especially flattering against warm or neutral skin tones.

5. See-through Bangs

Fine and wispy, these bangs are intentionally cut on the finer side, so that your forehead peeps through.

6. Rapunzel Hair

There’s long, and there’s fairy tale princess long. And as K-Pop stars like IU and Joy from Red Velvet show us, the preference for lush, cascading hair isn’t going anywhere.

7. Banged Bobs

On the other end of the spectrum, a tapered bob with longer bangs is also a common request (especially for those with naturally straight or fine hair, because the shorter style adds volume).

8. Cherry Blossom Pink

Lisa from Blackpink is one of many who has been seen rocking some iteration of pink recently. With equal parts warm and cool tones, the rosy hue is surprisingly flattering on a wide range of skin tones.

9. Streaky Highlights

Fun fact: When the highlights are placed front and center (a la “money piece highlights”), they’re referred to as antennae highlights. Regardless of placement, the goal here is to go big and bold with color and thickness.

10. Leaf Cut (and Perm)

You’ve got to hand it to our Korean friends. They sure have fun with these names. The leaf cut (and perm) is named for the way it’s parted and styled to look like leaves falling from their branches. The androgynous 'do is popular among men and women alike.

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