Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About K-Beauty

If you’ve seen or used a sheet mask or bb cream in the last, ohh, five years, you’ve experienced the magic of K-beauty. K-beauty is everywhere now, but what is it exactly and what makes it so special?

I wanted to get an insider’s perspective, so I called on Sarah Lee, the co-CEO of Glow Recipe. After 12 years at L’Oréal, Sarah and her cofounder, Christine, started their own business curating K-beauty products for the U.S. market. (We can thank them for bringing splash masks and ampoules to the States.) In this episode, Sarah shares her journey and together we explore the ways in which K-beauty has influenced the industry at large—and where it’s headed next.

We also caught up with Stephanie Flor, a celebrity makeup artist and founder of Around the World Beauty, a community of international beauty lovers who discover new places through travel. She became fascinated with K-beauty after taking a trip to Seoul years ago and has since adopted the products and practices into her daily life—much like many of us.

We hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to share your favorite K-beauty products in the comments section. As fate would have it, I’m headed to Korea next week and will send a surprise care package to one of you, at random.

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