Clean, Natural, Organic and Non-Toxic: What Does It All Mean for My Beauty Products?

Sephora has a dedicated “Clean Beauty” section; Target has it’s own “Clean” seal. Drunk Elephant, which is arguably one of the buzziest brands to have emerged over the past few years, boasts a tagline of “effective, non-toxic formulas that reset skin to a healthy state.”

There’s no denying that clean beauty is a rising trend within the industry, but to define exactly what it is (and isn’t) is a little less clear.

On this week’s episode of “The Glow Up,” we sit down with Jessica Alba, founder of the Honest Company and Honest Beauty, and Traci Baker, the manager of the Detox Market, a popular green beauty retailer in L.A. and New York, for some answers. We get them to define what clean beauty is and share tips on how to read labels. Plus, they tell us which products we should swap out first if we’re looking to make the change. 

Watch now and let us know if you have any questions or product recommendations in the comments section.

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