7 Gorgeous Nail Trends We’ll Be Wearing All Spring

It’s that time of year when we trade our moody grays and neutrals for something a little brighter—on our nails, that is. (We’ll incorporate color into our wardrobe when we’re good and ready, thank you very much.) From crystal-inspired nail art to an ethereal new hue, here’s what to ask for at your next manicure.

7 Next-Level Beauty Treatments You Can Only Get in NYC

1. Marbled Jade

The only time being jaded is a good thing.

Where to get it: Akiko Nails

2. Dew Drops

Just dew it.

Where to get it: Paintbucket

3. Neon Stripe

As refreshing as an ice-cold lemonade.

Where to get it: Paintbucket

4. Iridescent Periwinkle

Leave it to Essie to figure out how to bottle fairy dust.

Get the look: Essie

5. Crystal Stencil

Minimal meets mystical.

Where to get it: Vanity Projects

6. Pastel OmbrÉ

Who needs an Easter egg hunt when your nails look like this?

Where to get it: Chillhouse

7. Holographic French Tip

Because sometimes a few millimeters of pizzazz is all you need.

Where to get it: Paintbox