This Rosé-Scented Deodorant Keeps Selling Out (but Would You Try It?)
Native Deodorant

We've made our own rosť gummies and we’ve sipped rosť forties. We thought, perhaps naively, that we had reached peak rosť.

But oh no, friends, there’s more. There’s rosť deodorant. And it's...popular?

Originally part of a limited-edition brunch pack (that also includes mimosa- and sangria-scented options), you can now get a stand-alone stick of the single scent.

Though we might not necessarily want to smell like a boozy brunch (at least not every day), we can always get behind a good deodorant. The brand, Native, has amassed a cult following for its all-natural formulas (they’re made with zero parabens or aluminum) and can barely keep this particular scent in stock (the next batch ships in mid July). Don’t believe us? Just check the over 3,000 effusive reviews.

You've heard of rose-colored glasses, but how about rosť-scented armpits? Only in 2017, folks.

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