Rosé Forties Are Officially a Thing (So We’re About to Have the Best Summer Ever)

There’s you, a gingham blanket and your kids frolicking nearby in the grass. But OH DEAR GOD, you just ran out of rosé and this idyllic summer afternoon is about to turn into your worst seasonal nightmare.

Until now.

Meet rosé forties, brought to you by Forty Ounce Wines, a vineyard in the Loire Valley in France. To break it down, the average wine bottle contains approximately 25 ounces of vino. Rosé forties provide an additional 15 ounces. (That’s like four bonus glasses. Yesss.)

The bad news: Supposedly, the company produced only 1,200 cases of this dry, light-bodied variety and bottles are flying off the shelves fast. (Check with your local wine shop to see if it carries it or can call it in for you.)

And if you do luck out and come across the extra-large bottle, get excited: The cost is totally economical at a mere $16 a pop. Cheers!

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