This $8 Rosé Was Just Named One of the Best Wines in the World

cheap aldi rose hero

When we think of award-winning wine, we don’t think of the stuff we drink on an average Wednesday night. That’s not to say our house blends aren’t delicious, we just picture award winners as a touch…out of reach, budget-wise.

That was until we heard that an $8 bottle of rosé from the grocery chain Aldi just won a major prize at the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards. Out of thousands of entries, Aldi’s Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 was declared one of the world’s best bottles of rosé by a panel of wine experts.

Per Aldi’s website, this wine delivers delicate yet intense flavors of summer fruits, with a subtle quartzy spice. (Oo, quartzy.) And we hear it pairs well with grilled fish and salads, so it sounds like the perfect warm-weather vino.

Top shelf taste on a boxed wine budget: It’s not too good to be true.