Calling all our naturally round-eyed ladies, who are wondering how to dress up your set. They may appear harder to deal with than other shapes, but actually, round eyes are the easiest to contour. Also, they can handle loads of makeup without looking overdone. (Two points: you.) As a general rule of thumb, do whatever makes you feel the most beautiful—so five new makeup tips can’t hurt, right?

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Stick to Matte

Shimmering colors are super fun, but if you have rounded eyes, you’ll want to work with a matte eye shadow that blends in the background. Prep your lid, however, with a dark nude shadow; rim the entire lid to minimize redness and to give the illusion of depth.

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Always Use Eyeliner

If you don’t know that eyeliner is your best tool, you’re in for a big eye-opener. (See what we did there?) Eyeliner instantly minimizes the roundness that most people see as “cute” and adds a hint of sexiness. Try smudging dark liner into your upper and lower lash lines for a touch of sophistication.

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But Ease Up on the Mascara

The number-one goal is to create balance—too much mascara might over-exaggerate your shape. Instead, swipe a light coat away from your tear gland.

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Go Long

A subtle cat-eye will even things out even more. Just be sure to make the wing of your cat-eye pointed upward, not outward, to keep from further widening your eyes.

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Play Up the Outer Corners

This is the name of the whole game. Shade yours with a dark color (think deep purples, blues and browns) to bring together the mascara and eyeliner. 

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