The Single Best Eyeliner Shade for Every Eye Color

When it comes to eyeliner, most of us tend to default to black, but there are so many other shades that can make your whites whiter, your blues brighter and so on. Not sure which will look best? Neither do most people on Pinterest, according to their new Pinstyle Report. We’ll guide you through some color theory. (And for more tips and tricks check out our beauty board.)

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If You Have Blue Eyes

Try a contrasting shade like copper (which also happens to be trending right now). The warm undertones pick up the gold flecks in your eyes, giving you an instant brightening effect.

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If You Have Gray Eyes

These babies are extremely rare and are typically multi-tonal (which is why they can look bluer or grayer depending on outside factors like the lighting or what you’re wearing). Lining your eyes in the aforementioned copper will draw out more blue tones, while a steely charcoal will accentuate the gray ones.

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If You Have Hazel Eyes

Like gray, hazel eyes often shift shades depending on their surrounding environment. A deep brown liner will frame your peepers while bringing the golden flecks around your irises forward so that they almost sparkle.

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If You Have Green Eyes

Fun tip: Green and red sit opposite each other on the color wheel. So a liner with reddish undertones (like plum) will provide a nice contrast and boost brightness.

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If You Have Brown Eyes

A deep blue or navy looks especially striking against darker eyes without looking too severe. But when you’re ready to make a major statement, try a bright cobalt instead.

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