5 Crucial Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

We’ve been wearing makeup for many years, but lately we’ve noticed that some of the products we’ve used forever aren’t really working as well as they used to. So we called on Mario Dedivonvic, a celebrity makeup artist (and master behind a few of our favs like Priyanka Chopra, J.Lo and yes, a certain Ms. KKW) for his top tips.

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Refresh Your Skin-Care Routine
"My first tip is always to invest in a routine that makes your skin hydrated and plump. Your 40s are a transitional period for your skin so it’s important to pay attention to its needs and change your skincare and makeup accordingly," says Dedivonvic. (We recommend a peptide serum, a good vitamin C and a moisturizing sunscreen.)

Switch to a Liquid Foundation
"Skin becomes drier as you age so I always encourage people to use a liquid foundation if they don’t already. I like the No7 Triple Action Serum foundation because it’s really forgiving and doesn’t migrate into lines or wrinkles near the mouth or eyes. For a little more coverage, I recommend the Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere foundation because it has a natural-looking finish and softens everything out,” advises Dedivonvic. Whatever you choose, use a soft brush to smooth it onto your face evenly.

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Never Skip Blush
According to Mario: "Blush instantly brightens the face. My favorites are peachy shades because they make your skin glow. With blush, it’s all about placement, so make sure you’re applying it on the apples of your cheeks and blending upward."

Play Up Your Eyes
"For the eyes, warm matte tones can help you look well-rested. Also, curling your lashes is a simple step that opens up your eyes and brightens your face overall," says Dedivonvic. And his final takeaway?

Don’t Forget Your Brows
"Around the age of 40, it’s imperative that you don’t neglect your eyebrows. They tend to get thinner as we age—especially on the ends—so I suggest filling them in with a pencil that matches your hair and working it in short strokes. Finish by brushing them out with a spoolie so they look soft and feathery," says Dedivonvic.