Game-Changing Makeup Tips for Women Over 30

You’re aging gracefully and damn proud of it. But even everyday supermodels enjoy a new makeup tip or two. Luckily, we’ve got nine. These are our favorite ways to lift and brighten our features.

8 Ways to Look Younger Without Botox

start with primer

Start with the Right Primer
All primers will smooth over fine lines and create an even base for your makeup, but one with light-reflective particles will also make your complexion glow before you apply foundation.

Look for a Yellow-Toned Foundation
Regardless of your skin tone, using a base with a tint of yellow can warm up the skin. And warmer skin (like when you’ve gotten a bit of sun) instantly looks vibrant and youthful.

right tools

Use the Right Tools
One of the quickest ways you can accidentally age yourself is to have cakey coverage. A dampened makeup sponge ensures that you get the lightest, most airbrushed-like finish. Using the sponge, tap your foundation or concealer wherever there’s any discoloration (typically under the eyes and around the nose) and buff any remaining product onto the rest of your face.

Highlight Strategically
Think beyond the cheekbones. Adding a touch of highlighter over frown lines will soften their appearance, and applying it under your brow bones will draw the eyes upward.

blush placement

Rethink Your Blush Placement
We’ve been told our entire lives to smile and apply blush to the apples of our cheeks. As we lose volume (actually, let’s just call it baby fat), you want to go higher on the cheekbones to lift your features and make them stand out.

Go Lighter on the Brows
As in one shade lighter than your natural hair. This way you get fuller-looking (not fake-looking) brows. Use soft, short strokes to fill in any sparse areas, making sure to extend all the way to the ends.

switch mascara

Switch Your Mascara
News flash: Our lashes thin as we age, and using a volumizing mascara can actually weigh them down and close off your eyes. Instead swipe a lengthening formula and focus on the middle lashes to get a wide-eyed effect.

Prep Your Lids
Even the finest lines can cause creasing. And creasing can cause lines to look more pronounced. To get yourself out of this vicious cycle, try a small dab of eye-shadow primer first. It will create a smooth surface and lock everything in place.

lighten lipstick

Lighten Your Lip Color
Darker shades can look harsh and make your lips appear thinner. A pinkish nude or light berry color will boost your natural lip shape while brightening your whole face. Final tip: Add a touch of gloss afterward to give the illusion of a plumper pout.

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