Ah, the love-hate relationship with lipstick. On one hand, it instantly brightens up your face. (Seriously, it’s our M.O. for sleep-deprived mornings, so...most days of the week.) On the other hand, it can be messy and unreliable. Here are nine annoying lipstick problems you’ve probably had and how to fix them for good.

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It's Always on Your Wine Glass or Mug
Get that dreaded ring of color around the rim of every cup you drink out of? Lick it first to create a little barrier before you sip. A quick, discreet lap will prevent your stain from transferring.

It’s Always on Your Teeth
Right after applying your lipstick, form an “O” shape with your lips and stick your index finger in your mouth. Close your lips and then pull your finger out. Any excess lipstick will rub off on your finger—not your teeth.

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It's Not the Right Shade for You
We could write an entire article about your skin’s undertones (oh wait, we already did) or you could just skip ahead to this simple tip for finding the right lipstick for you. If you’re looking for the perfect nude, go one shade darker than your natural lip color. If you’re looking for the perfect pop of color, go only one shade brighter. So if your lips are on the pale side, try a cherry red or coral. If they’re naturally red, go for an even brighter orange-y red or hot pink. And for darker lips, a brick red or burgundy works like a charm. 

It’s Drying Your Lips Out
This is a particularly common issue with matte or liquid lipsticks, but there’s an easy fix. Apply a generous amount of balm to your bare lips and let it absorb for a few minutes before putting on a lip primer and then your lipstick. We know: It’s a lot of steps. But trust us, it’s worth it.

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It’s Bleeding Outside the Lines
After swiping on your lipstick, clean up the edges with an angled brush and some concealer. This will give them a nice, precise-looking application and keep the color from feathering outside the lines later on in the day.

It Won’t Stay on Your Lips
To get your lipstick to stay put, build the color in layers. Start by dusting your lips with a translucent setting powder. Next, outline and fill in your mouth with a lip liner in a similar shade to whatever lipstick you’re going to wear. Finish with a liberal layer of lipstick. Blot the excess off with a tissue and apply one final layer to seal the job. 

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It Won't Come Off Your Lips
The only problem with doing such a good job of setting your lipstick is that it won’t budge when you go to take it off. Get some cleansing oil (or a dollop of cold cream) and slather it onto your lips before gently rubbing it off. Any stubborn color will come sliding right off. 

Or Your Clothes
Got some color on the collar of your shirt? Grab some paper towels and a can of hairspray. Place a sheet under the stain and mist your trusty Elnett liberally onto the stain. Let it sit for 10 minutes before tossing it into the wash.

It Broke into Two Pieces
Use a lighter to melt the top layer of the broken part that’s still in the tube. Then, gently press the two sides back together and pop it into the fridge for a few hours so it sets back into place.

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